Christmas Day

Once my holidays officially begin next week, I quite suspect that by the time my body adapts to being able to sleep in that my holidays will be over! For the second day in a row, I was wide awake before 5:30, while the rest of the house slept until a much more respectable hour. I got up and made myself some coffee and read. Shortly before 7 AM, Casey’s alarm rang and was quickly shut off. In a shocking twist, Casey actually got up, dressed and out of his room within 5 minutes of his alarm! Normally, he shuts off that first alarm, goes back to bed and sleeps until the second alarm, and even then there is no guarantee that he will get out of bed.

While I wouldn’t say that I get overly lavish  in celebrating any holiday, I do rather enjoy Christmas. A little confession…when I was awake in the early morning, I plugged in the Christmas tree lights and noticed that my stocking was full. I almost felt giddy. As the adult who typically buys most of the gifts and stocking stuffers for the kids, my stocking has remained empty for most of my married life. A few years ago, after hearing my sad stocking story, my dear friend gave me a bunch of little gifts for my stocking! Since then my husband has been pretty good to get something to put in my stocking, but I really do still wonder if he’ll think of it every Christmas eve.

Although Kane has not always filled my stocking, he is responsible for a Christmas tradition that never fails to generate plenty of excitement and laughter. Nerf guns! Every year, for the past several years, Kane has purchased a handful of Nerf guns to put under the tree for the kids. Inevitably, there will be an all-out war, most likely after the big turkey dinner. Some will cower and pray not to become an innocent casualty, while others will be active participants, shooting and dodging and clamoring for more ammunition. This year’s guns are some of the most powerful ones yet, and then there is the big gun with a rapid-fire trigger. Oh boy! My little big boys have already been having a blast and the cousins haven’t even arrived yet.

I put the turkey in the oven a short while ago, which means I have a bit of time to just relax before the serious kitchen work begins. Abby is eager to be helpful with the cooking this year, because we are currently without a dishwasher and she thinks that her cooking service will spare her washing duty later! All I know is that I will not be washing dishes.

The kids are playing a video game together. I am blogging. Kane went to the gym, and I am trying not to be jealous. I am supposed to enjoy my break, my rest. Okay, I don’t actually mind it so far, although I feel a little stir-crazy that I cannot go for a run today. Well, technically, no one has actually specifically said that I cannot run today or next week even; however, I am smart enough to know when to tie my shoe laces and when to stay in the comfort of my house. The hip is a little unhappy today, and the knee still needs to be treated with respect. Instead of running or training, I will eat turkey and mashed potatoes and desserts and chocolates and wine. I will eye the kettle bell in the corner with a sigh of longing, but I do have permission to do a few bodyweight squats and a couple of push-ups…yippee!

I know that sleep will not be kind to me tonight. We won’t be eating dinner before 6:00, and I know that there will be the Nerf gun battle post-dessert. Unfortunately for me, I have to work bright and early tomorrow. I expect my morning to be a mostly slow and quiet affair, however, I fear that my mid-morning/lunch could be a nightmare. There won’t be enough sleep in my night, but I can have coffee and lots of it. There could be wine waiting for me after work! Only three more work days until holidays!

But I am not going to worry about tomorrow…we will deal with tomorrow the best we can as it unfolds!

Enjoy your Christmas wherever you are and however you may be celebrating! Merry Christmas!




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