Skirting the Issue

In getting dressed for church this morning, I wanted to wear a basic black skirt, so I searched the hangers in my closet until I found it. I did have to do some serious searching, because I apparently have a lot of dress pants but not very many skirts. But I did eventually find one.

At church, I finally realized that my skirt was riding low on my hips. In fact, I’m fairly certain that the skirt’s waistband was no where near my waist! Thankfully I was wearing a shirt that was long in the body, so I was the only one aware of just how ill-fitting my skirt actually was. Later in the washroom, I took the opportunity to check out the tag inside the skirt to see just what size it was…size 13!

No wonder my skirt was slipping off of my body. I haven’t worn anything close to that size for almost two years. In fact, I have a skirt in my closet that I purchased roughly a year ago, and that skirt is a size 6. The fact that I have a piece of clothing in a size 6 astounds me every single time that I put it on or even look at it. It just seems so unbelievable that I could fit into something so small. Most of my clothing is in the size 6-9 range, depending on brand and style, because there is no such thing as consistency amongst clothing manufacturers!

So, why exactly do I still have a size 13 skirt in my closet? I thought I had purged my larger sized clothing a long time ago, but I guess I need to go through everything again. Somehow I still have lots of clothing that I seldom or never wear, and I obviously have clothing that I’ve held on to for reasons unknown even though I should have removed them long ago.

If nothing else, the super-sized skirt today showed me that I am not in immediate danger of undoing all of my hard work, even if I am currently inactive and eating lots and lots. One positive of not training for more than a week is that I don’t have to worry about how freaked out I would be if I had to wear my belt on a different notch!


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