“To be prepared is half the victory.” ~Cervantes

My daughter has expressed her growing excitement for the past several days as she was anticipating the start of a new day-timer. Sure, I rolled my eyes over her excitement, but the truth is that I am just the same when it comes time to begin a new day-timer, calendar, or journal. In fact, my current day-timer will be finished at the end of July, which means I am also rather excited to crack open fresh pages very soon.

I like to be organized and part of being organized means planning my time. Life is busy, but I function better when there is more order than chaos. Since I have never worked a Monday to Friday/9-5 kind of job, as much as I strive for consistency, I have to be flexible. With a work schedule that is rarely the same from week to week, a paper day-timer (as well as the calendar on my phone) is absolutely essential for my sanity.

My training times over the past few years have been fairly consistent, although there were occasional changes made to accommodate holidays, my work schedule, and other situations that would arise from time to time. Now that I am no longer training one-on-one with a trainer, I have more flexibility in what days and times I go to the gym. This can be both good and bad.

Ideally, I would like to train on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; however, there will be times when I have to change days up a bit. I might also need to be flexible with what time I train, although I am already used to training at different times in the day. I exercised a lot of flexibility with this first week of training in my new gym with my new program. I received the program Monday morning and had to work that afternoon/evening, so I started the program on Tuesday. I had considered sticking to the planned Wednesday training day, I ultimately pushed it back until Thursday, because I was sore and needed the rest day. Of course, pushing day 2 until Thursday left me with the same dilemma for day 3…either go to the gym on Friday, sore and unrested, or push it back until Saturday. I opted for Saturday. I made it work for my schedule and what my body needed during this first week back at the gym with a program more physically demanding than what I have been doing for the past month or so.

A friend cautioned me the other day about being too loose with scheduling my training sessions now that I am on my own. Although my friend knows that I am fairly disciplined and consistent with my training, he is familiar with how easy it is to allow training to fall by the wayside when life gets busy. I understand what he had to say and cannot disagree with it. I certainly felt the tugs of laziness this week. It wasn’t that I felt disinclined to get the training in, but rather I found myself wavering in terms of when I would go. I didn’t really want to train Saturday morning, because I knew I’d have to go early in order to be finished and have time to get ready for work; however, I didn’t want to train Friday with the way that my back was hurting from Thursday’s session. I wanted to sleep in on Saturday instead of being at the gym at 8:00 in the morning, but I wasn’t keen on going to the gym after work around 5 pm. There was never any doubt that I would go to the gym, yet my motivation was difficult to find. If I didn’t have a specific purpose to focus on, like my competition in November, I can see how easy it would be to make excuses for skipping a training session now and then.

I’d like to think that I am not such a person as that though. In several areas of my life I am highly disciplined and focused. Depending on what is on the agenda for a training session, I might need to be more flexible with the day and time I train for the simple fact that I might need assistance. Now that my husband and I both go to the same gym, he can give me a spot or a hand-off when necessary, but he won’t always be available to go to the gym at the same time I might like to go. The recent changes to my work schedule might also require more random training sessions than fixed. This is one reason why I live by my day-timer. I function better with the ability to visualize what needs doing and when, and it is easier to put the pieces together in the best order when I can see them all at once.


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