A Sliver of Sunshine

I am a big believer in being thankful, expressing gratitude, and looking for the blessings all around us, big and small. It has been my Facebook tradition for more than two years now to make a daily post of some of the things that I am thankful for or make my heart happy. Although there has been the odd day I’ve missed over the years, I have never intentionally neglected making my list of happy, thankful things…until this week. It has been a tough week, and my heart doesn’t feel particularly happy; however, I know that choosing to focus on the negative will only perpetuate the darkness. As difficult as it can be to find bright spots in stormy days, a little light soon spreads warmth and hope that the darkness cannot chase away. Still, I am not ready to resume my Facebook happy things, but maybe here…

  1. A stranger in Costco complimented me on how I looked in my dress.
  2. I love my job and connecting with my customers. Last night, a completely unknown customer showed me pictures of her afternoon at a local winery.
  3. For the first time this week, I made dinner. It was tacos, so super easy, but I also cut up a ton of raw veggies.
  4. the sweetest, freshest carrots from the Farmer’s Market
  5. A new pillow because Kane thinks it might help me sleep better. I’m doubtful and had no complaints with my “old” pillow, but I’ll give it a go.
  6. pen and paper and time on the deck
  7. dark chocolate, caramel, sea salt…a perfect combination



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