Ten days until Provincials! Yes, I am still excitedly anticipating the competition and counting down the days. Yes, I still don’t know what my performance will look like or what numbers I will be attempting, but I am choosing not to dwell on that fact for the time being. And yes, I am generally calm on the surface but chaos underneath. I need sleep. I need a little break from the routines of life. Exhaustion is seeping out of my pores, not from over-training but from simply being busy and “on” almost all of my waking hours and from not sleeping overly well.

Life is busy. I’ve said it before and will say it again. Life is busy for everyone. We all have 24 hours in the day, 7 days in the week. Since my husband had his surgery 3 weeks ago, my life feels busier than normal. I feel as if I truly cannot complain much, because my husband is progressing rather well and has been a better patient than I anticipated. He has been washing the dishes at home pretty much since getting home from the hospital, because it is something that he can do easily enough. He just can’t put everything away. He has vacuumed twice, although he really should not have done that. He has been out of the house for appointments, to survey jobs (but not work them!), and even for coffee with friends, but he isn’t permitted to drive for some time yet, which means someone has to drive him around. My eldest son does the work-related driving. The friends have picked him up for coffee dates, but I am the one often called upon to drive here and there and everywhere. Since my daughter does not drive and the bus system isn’t always reliable, I have also been kind enough to drive her around when she needs it most. While all the driving is relatively not a big deal, it cuts into my free time, requires more sitting time (which I try to avoid for my back’s sake), and can be frustrating and exhausting considering traffic and idiotic drivers. I just want to be a passenger again!

The back is still not 100%, and I still don’t know what percentage to put on how it feels at any given moment. Maybe 80-90% depending on the moment. It felt decent during Monday’s deadlifts. It felt decent yesterday morning. In both cases, I would rate my back closer to 90%, but something shifted shortly after I started work yesterday afternoon. That persistent trouble spot on my low back (the SI joint area I believe) began to hurt. A lot. It ached in a way that was instantly familiar but no longer commonly experienced; a feeling that something wasn’t quite rightly placed. Feeling both sides of the back of my pelvis, I am fairly certain that there was a noticeable difference between the two. Now I have no idea if my perception is accurate or true, but every time I have this particular pain in that spot I can physically feel a difference, as if I am in need of a chiropractic adjustment.

The pain yesterday wasn’t severe enough to stop me from doing what I needed to do at work or to make me take some Ibuprofen (although I probably only didn’t more for being focused on my job and forgetting about it until I was already going to bed). I did not sleep very well last night. That’s partly due to the back, partly the fact my shoulders can get cranky about sleeping on my side, and mostly due to a brain that wouldn’t shut off.

The back felt okay first thing this morning, but that trouble spot feels a bit cranky as I am laying here on the floor. Hopefully it doesn’t get worse. It shouldn’t, although it might not bounce back to 90% right away.


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