Loud & Fearless

“Be whoever you are extremely loud. And be completely fearless when you do it.” ~Gerard Way

This is me:

  • I am a lover of lists. I love checking off or crossing out tasks as they’ve been completed. I make lists for pretty much everything: groceries, packing for a competition or a trip, big holiday family dinners, housework and projects, and so on.
  • I love paper in various forms. Books! Journals! Greeting cards and stationery! Wrapping paper and gift bags! Scrapbooking cardstock and paper! Even loose leaf paper!
  • Star Wars. Wonder Woman. Doctor Who. I will freak out like the fan-girl I am when it comes to these three subjects. Just ask my family.
  • I hate wearing socks and would prefer to be barefoot. I only wear socks when necessary, like at work, when wearing running shoes, or when the weather demands it; however, I can put up with a lot of bad weather while wearing flip-flops.
  • There is one exception to my dislike for socks. Fun and funky socks! My absolute favourites are from Sox Box. I seldom make online purchases, but I make an exception for my Sox Box. These are the socks I wear in the gym and at competitions, and I love them!
  • I am highly competitive and hate to lose, but I am a gracious loser. I will always want to win, whether competing in a sport or playing a board game. And yet, I am a strong believer in fair play and good sportsmanship.
  • I could not stand the taste of coffee up until a couple of years ago. It’s my coach’s fault that I love coffee now.
  • My everyday appearance doesn’t reveal how much I love long fingernails and nail polish, because I can’t wear nail polish to work and long fingernails really aren’t the most practical in the gym. But my toenails are almost always painted.
  • I seldom wear high heels anymore, but I seriously love shoes! My self-control is fierce when it comes to indulging in shoes, but I love to drool over Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik shoes.
  • I take great joy in encouraging and blessing others in big ways and small.
  • My movie tastes are broad, although I don’t particularly care for horror/slasher type movies. Star Wars to Lord of the Rings to Schindler’s List to Pride & Prejudice to Indiana Jones to Superman to The Saint…and I have no trouble whatsoever watching my favourite movies over and over and over again!
  • I’m not much of a Tom Cruise or Cameron Diaz fan, but there is something about the movie Knight & Day that I just love. It’s a movie that I never get tired of watching, despite the cheese factor and casting choices.
  • The only way to eat steak is rare. The rest of my family are barbarians who eat their steak in leather form. I could never be a vegetarian.
  • Perhaps one of my biggest weaknesses is salted caramel. Salted caramel combined with chocolate is straight up Kryptonite!
  • I’m rather fond of pens, especially pens with coloured ink, but I am also fussy about my pens. They have to feel right in my hand, and the ink must flow smoothly without splotches. When I find a good pen, I’m reluctant to let anyone borrow it for fear I will never get it back.
  • Cinderella has always been my favourite Disney princess. Belle would probably be the runner-up.
  • I have a collection of colouring books, and I love to colour.
  • My favourite crayon colour is Burnt Sienna. I don’t know why. It’s a rather boring colour actually, but I love it.

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