Green Light

This morning’s chiropractic appointment went well. It started with my chiropractor saying something along the line of the fact that I am not a boring person. I am taking that as a compliment, even though I am surely a mostly boring kind of person. The fact that I am a powerlifter might make me mildly interesting at times, yet I can’t help but see myself as a boring, mundane person. But I digress.

My appointment was atypically lacking in torture. I expressed my hope that he would give me the green light to resume back squats. He asked me questions about how things have been since I saw him last two weeks ago, and he did some mild work on my back and adjusted my neck. Then he let me do some squats and gave me another compliment, saying that I’m one of the stronger people to get to use the squat rack in the movement studio! While I’m pretty sure that my chiropractor treats quite a few strong people, it always feels good to be viewed as strong.

His squat rack isn’t intended for testing heavy weights and had 10 pound plates on the bar, which means I was probably squatting at most 65 pounds. The weight on the bar didn’t matter though…it was perfectly lovely to grip the bar, focus my gaze on the centre of the bar, exhale as I step forward with head lowered to get under the bar, push my back up into the bar, position my feet, and inhale as I lift the bar from the rack. I had no warm-up or mobility drills. I wasn’t even wearing socks or shoes. In bare feet I squatted. I lost track of the number of reps after 5 or 6, but it was so nice to squat. There was some tightness in the low back at the bottom which lessened with every squat.

The good news is that I have the green light to squat and deadlift again! I need to make sure that I warm up very well before squatting, and I need to monitor how the back feels outside of the gym. But I can squat!

The Canadian Powerlifting Union’s National Championships are taking place this week in Quebec, and I so wish that I could be there. I qualified to be there. Financially it just didn’t work to be there. Today I watched a bit of the M1 ladies competition, my age group. So much wish I was there! I love powerlifting. I love competing. I miss competing. Watching some of the Nationals has me feeling excited to compete at Provincials in June and eager to begin preparing. My coach has already told me that I can do some light squats tomorrow and deadlifts on Thursday. I am so excited! Bring it on!


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