Cranky PJ Pants

My week is done, and so am I. Although I did sleep better the last two nights, I still feel wiped out. I had an open shift this morning, which means I started work at 5:30AM. I survived without coffee until I was finished work, but I am most deliriously glad to have arrived at my weekend. After work, I savoured my Americano, then soaked in the tub before putting on my pyjamas. I was ready for bed before 3:30 in the afternoon!

My daughter had wanted me to go to a gym with her this afternoon. Mid-morning I sent her a text telling her that I didn’t want to go today. I am always happy and willing to go to my gym, but this is something different. My daughter just recently got herself a little membership at a local gym, along with some of her friends, and she is completely clueless as to what to do there. She isn’t keen on taking advantage of the opportunity to have a staff member show them the ropes, so she wants me to do it. As if I know my way around a commercial gym! Sure, I have been to this particular gym before, many years ago when I avoided the weight room and stuck to the cardio. I have a feeling that my daughter will want to stick to the machines, and I don’t know anything about the machines! My gym doesn’t have machines. Even if I can convince her to use free weights, what do I tell her to do? And in all honesty, I doubt that I will feel much more eager to go tomorrow afternoon. Sometimes I can feel very selfish about my free time. But I will go. She is calling it bonding time again. Maybe I should be glad that this bonding time doesn’t involve shopping!

I am also feeling rather snarky tonight. I was verbally sharing something of importance to me a bit earlier. I stopped mid-sentence when I realized that the person I was talking to wasn’t listening or paying any attention to what I was saying. I’m really very snarky about that. Isn’t that funny. As an introvert, I am all kinds of used to being ignored, overlooked, forgotten. Depending on the situation, my skin can be thick, but not here at home. Not when I’m trying to share something personal and emotional. I’m also tired, so perhaps my attitude is compromised. Maybe, but it really does feel like a slap to be ignored when you’re trying to share something important.

Listening seems to be a skill that few people actually possess.



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