Escape Artists

Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday. We celebrated today by going to Exit, one of those places where you need to solve a bunch of clues to escape through a series of rooms. We being myself, my husband, our daughter and two sons, and our youngest son’s girlfriend. With the exception of my daughter, this was the first time any of the rest of us had been to Exit. I’m not sure what my husband’s expectations were, but I know that I wanted to succeed. Really, I do not like to lose. At anything!

I am competitive. I always want to win. All the time. Every time. However, I have the ability to be a gracious loser, and I am always thrilled by an exciting game/competition regardless of the final outcome. I am okay with losing, if such is the case, but I always want to win. Even if it is just a card/board game with the family or a powerlifting competition.

The challenge of Exit was so much fun. It did take a little while to acclimate to the method of the puzzles, but we all were able to contribute in one way or another. The closer we got to the final door, the more we wanted to be successful. With only a couple of minutes left, we were ever so close. We were reasonably certain that we had the final numbers required for the final lock, but we were striking out with every entry of the combination. Then, with five seconds left before our time ran out, Casey entered a series of numbers, which he can no longer even recall. The light on the lock turned green and the door opened. We made it! I hate to lose. My kids must take after me, because they all felt the same way. 🙂

We went out for dinner after and enjoyed some good food and many laughs. I think it was a good day. It isn’t often that the entire family is able to get together for a meal, let alone some sort of fun activity, so I’m glad we could do all of that today.


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