Long Weekend Ahead

As much as I love my job, I am looking forward to the end of my shift later tonight with almost as much excitement as Christmas day for the simple reason that I have a three day weekend. From the moment that I first saw this three day weekend pop up on the schedule, I have been planning and salivating over it. Actually, I’ve been planning on doing as little as possible on the final day of my weekend, because I might truly have the luxury of enjoying such a day.

Most days off work are a combination of activities & appointments, catch-up, preparation, and then trying to squeeze in some relaxation. Due to the variety in my work schedule, there are work days that I don’t have much free time, or even time to do some housework or meal prep, and so, I often try to schedule appointments and tasks for my days off. While doing so makes some work days less stressful, my days off seldom feel like down time. This is why I am so excited for this unplanned, unexpected three day weekend!

As is typical for me, Sunday and Monday will be filled with activities, housework, and preparations; however, I am planning on spending Tuesday in my Wonder Woman onesie, drinking coffee, reading a book, doing some writing, watching a movie or Netflix, maybe having a nap. Basically, I just want to exist, relax and be still.

Doesn’t that sound lovely? I’m hoping so, but I have a feeling that I won’t be able to do it. For some reason, I will be required to put real clothes on. I might even be required to leave the house. I will still need to feed myself and make dinner for the family. I will likely feel bored and restless. I should do some mobility work. Who am I kidding? How often am I capable of napping? How could I possibly decide on a movie to watch or a book to read? As much as I love coffee, making my own all day would get old awfully quick. Hmmm…can I entice someone to deliver coffee to my door? All of the undone chores and projects will suddenly demand my attention. My daughter will miss her bus and need a ride to school. Oh the sadness just thinking about all that could go wrong with highly anticipated long weekend!



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