Some Days…

This morning’s training session was a bit of a mixed bag. Some things felt rather good, while others felt frustrating and almost demoralizing. My current state of mind didn’t help me any either, I’m sure.

1a. Pendlay rows

63 lbs x 12, 93 x 8, 103 x 8, 103 x 8, 103 x 8

This was one of the things that actually felt good. I think these were better than last week.

1b. incline bench press

45 lbs x 10, 65 x 6, 75 x 5, 70 x 6, 75 x 5

Mostly, I think that the incline presses weren’t too bad. The first set at 75 pounds was a little slow, so Michael dropped the weight and the final two sets were better.

1c. weighted planks

I was supposed to do toes to bar, but my attempts to do so resulted in some distinct discomfort right below the ribcage. I’m thinking that spot is just sore from the ab wheel on Monday, but it seems more bothersome in specific positions, like hanging from the bar or doing military presses.

with 25 lbs on my back: 45 second hold for 2 sets

with 35 lbs on my back: 30 second hold for 2 sets

2a. incline rows using ropes

x 10, x 14

This was supposed to be chin-ups. Michael asked me to see what I could do unassisted. The single attempt was pathetic, weak, and frustrating.

2b. military press

45 lbs x 10, 50 x ? Did I even do a rep? I’m not sure.

My shoulders were burning and feeling beyond fatigued by this point. Michael demonstrated how to get my lats involved…that was a challenge. At one point he had me use a wooden dowel, and even holding the dowel felt incredibly difficult. It may as well have weighed 70 pounds! The current thinking is that incline presses with a barbell are not so great for me, as they seem to take a heavy toll on my shoulders. Incline pressing with dumbbells doesn’t seem to be an issue though. Seriously, my shoulders felt fine until the incline pressing. Now my shoulders feel heavy and tired like dead weight.

Scrap the military press…

side laterals: 10 lbs dumbbells x 10

rear laterals: 10 lbs dumbbells x 15

dumbbell curls 20 lbs x 9, x 8

The grumpy mood will improve. Tomorrow will be a better training day. Despite what I told Michael this morning, I have packed myself “dinner” to take to work tonight. Of course, that doesn’t mean it will be appealing at the time I get my meal break, but at least I’m prepared.


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