The Great Purge

“One can never have enough socks.” ~JK Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

I am so not a fan of socks, at least not ordinary socks. Barefoot is best as far as I am concerned, but sometimes you just need to wear socks. My dislike of socks has one exception…my Sox Box socks I wear at the gym. I love them, have a ton of them and want more. But the subject of socks isn’t really where I am going with this blog post, despite the quote.

A few days ago a friend shared a link on Facebook on the subject of decluttering around the home. I saved the link, because I am always looking for ways to purge clutter and simplify life. Many of the items listed in the article are things that most of us could easily see we should get rid of, but they are also the sorts of things that we hold onto for reasons that often don’t even make sense if we actually take time to think about it. We hold on to things, because we might need them one day, even though we know that we will forget where we stashed them and will purchase new ones should the need arise. We don’t want to be wasteful in tossing something that is half full, even if we aren’t using it anymore. Sentimentality keeps us holding onto items that have been loved too much or only once upon a time. Even if we know we really should get rid of that item, the task often becomes something we will do when we have more time. Occasionally I have begun the purging process only to stall when I cannot decide if I can truly do without that random item I’ve not used in forever but might need next week. And then, sometimes the act of purging means that we have to re-organize and clean along the way…who has time for more housework?

In all seriousness though, I do want to purge the clutter around my house. That is something I strive to do every year, and every year I make only a small dent. I want this year to be different. Maybe I won’t get rid of every ounce of clutter, but I do want to see significant progress. Yesterday I grabbed a garbage bag and went through the cupboards and drawers in the bathroom, tossing out the half empty, unused, and expired products that have been taking up space. By the time I was done, that garbage bag weighed 14 pounds. Yes, 14 pounds! Why was I holding onto a half used bottle of a facial scrub that hadn’t been used in 3 years?!

There are a lot of areas that need to be tackled in my purging quest. In typical Angela fashion, I have a written list that will have me sifting through the contents of almost every room in the house. Eventually. The task seemed slightly overwhelming yesterday when I first set out, and I nearly gave up before I began because of it. Small steps. Start in one place and focus on one task at a time. Have a plan of attack. This is why I started with the bathroom. I need some boxes before I can tackle some of the big rooms, because there are many items that can be easily donated to a thrift store yet can’t just be tossed into a garbage bag. I don’t have any boxes at the moment, so I needed to start where I could be productive without requiring a box. The bathroom was mostly stuff that simply needed to be tossed in the trash, and today was garbage day.

While I can never have too many gym socks, I truly do have more stuff than I need to live comfortably. There will always be room in my drawers for more gym t-shirts and socks though!


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