An Inside Look

I work with a young man who is close in age to my youngest son. We get along rather well. Perhaps it helps that he played baseball with my youngest son, or maybe we are just quite similar in personality and mindset. The other day he randomly asked me, “So what do you think?” I inquired if he was asking about anything in particular. When he said not really then I pointed out that I’m an introvert and my brain is full of many thoughts. Of course, I’ve been thinking about that statement ever since, and I’ve been mentally grabbing hold of some of the random thoughts that pass through my consciousness. Here is a snapshot into my head today, sanitized and in no particular order except where specified:

  • Seriously? I’m awake at 1:30 in the morning?! My alarm is set for 4:50, which leaves me just over 3 hours of sleep. Fall back asleep already!
  • It’s only 2:00 in the morning!
  • 3:15AM. <sigh>
  • 3:30AM. Good grief!
  • 3:50…this is ridiculous!
  • 4:20. Kane’s rustling had better not set off the alarm on my sleep app!
  • 4:30 Sleep while you can!
  • 4:35 I’ve got 15 minutes until the annoying alarm, only 10 minutes if Kane’s rustling activates the sleep app alarm. Grrrr!
  • 4:44 Guess I may as well get up.
  • 5:25AM. I like open shifts, but I really do like close shifts!
  • 5:30-6:10AM. #$%#*&!
  • 6:00AM. I feel incredibly grumpy.
  • 6:30AM. Hey look at me being all smiley, friendly and genuinely happy!
  • I haven’t had sushi since the first time I tried it six months ago, but suddenly I think I want sushi. Do I have any friends that would go out for sushi with me, because I really don’t know the world of sushi. And honestly, I’m somewhat afraid to have sushi again. What if I don’t like it the second time around? I wouldn’t even know what to or how to order.
  • My quads are less sore today. I can actually squat down without groaning.
  • But oh man is my upper back ever beginning to feel stiff! That’s the block pulls.
  • Oh yeah, I have an item waiting for pickup at the library. Do I have time to go pick it up today? Yes, I can do it on my way to pick Abby up from the college.
  • I really need to take care of my calluses.
  • I think I should see if Tim Hortons has some empty boxes I could pick up when I drop Abby off at work.
  • When I get home this afternoon I am going to begin purging crap from the house, according to the list that Susan posted on Facebook the other day.
  • I am going to be so productive!
  • I need to do laundry when I get home.
  • Need to remember to take some Gut Shot!
  • My friend hasn’t wished me a happy birthday yet. I’m sure she’s got a good reason.
  • Is it really a big deal that she hasn’t wished me a happy birthday yet?! Am I that needy for attention?
  • I need to grow my lightsaber crystals that I got for Christmas.
  • It’s so cold outside! I liked winter much more when I could run.
  • Wish it was Monday so I could get started on this coaching program…
  • Wonder if another friend is going to text me about meeting for coffee today. Hope it works out!
  • Can’t wait to see Rogue One on Sunday!
  • Gosh, I really do like my tattoo!
  • Ha! And Ben said that getting one tattoo would lead to wanting more. I don’t want more. I only want one more!
  • I need to figure out what I’m going to do for a friend’s birthday later this month.
  • I don’t need to pick up the library item today.
  • Moron driver!
  • I don’t need to get boxes today.
  • Oops! What happened to all that productivity I was going to have after work?
  • Must remember to book a chiropractic appointment.
  • Wonder when my BC medical services card will come in the mail. My license arrived on Tuesday, so it should be soon.
  • It was nice to get a letter from an old school friend the other day. I really need to send her a letter in return. It would be so much easier if she had given an email address.
  • Am I going to have a bath tonight or tomorrow morning?
  • My lips are so dry.
  • I haven’t seen a certain regular customer for a while.
  • I’m kind of glad that I’m not permitted to run these days.
  • I wish I could run.
  • Should I make butter chicken for supper? Who’s going to be home? Me, Kane, Sam? Ugh. Do I really want to go to all the effort of making dinner when Sam won’t eat it? <sigh>
  • Idiot driver!
  • “Cinderelly, Cinderelly, night and day it’s Cinderelly!”
  • Maybe I can watch The Crown tonight while Abby’s at work.
  • I really need to tend my calluses.
  • I like my son’s girlfriend.
  • There’s a photograph on the living room wall that is crooked.
  • Has Kane changed the ink in his printer yet? I need to print off the 100% RAW world standings for 2016 for my scrapbook.
  • The car needs an oil change.
  • don’t forget to stretch the shoulders
  • don’t forget the Vitamin E, the omega 3, the ZMA
  • How should I make my cup of coffee tomorrow morning? French press, pour over, brewer or instant? Yes, I sometimes do instant. The Starbucks Via isn’t too bad actually…and it’s the last of the Christmas blend.
  • Yes! I remember that customer’s name and/or drink!
  • Oh no! I recognize the face, but why can’t I remember that customer’s name!
  • Really?! Jason Bourne isn’t a superhero. He shouldn’t still be alive and kicking after all that!
  • It’s January 6th! Why haven’t I seen Rogue One yet?!!!!
  • I still am not okay with them killing off Han Solo, although I’m holding out hope that Kylo Ren will be redeemed, just like his grandfather before him!
  • Yeah, I saw you admiring the stormtrooper family on my car. Did you happen to see the Wonder Woman and I Know Squat stickers on the rear window?
  • Gosh, I’m a geek.
  • I’ve been busy…that’s why I haven’t seen Rogue One yet!
  • Can’t remember the last time I was at the theatre…
  • Who do I think could play Jack West in a movie adaptation?
  • Stop picking at that callus!
  • You really need to put some lotion on your hands, Angela!
  • You know I’m cold when I willingly wear socks to bed.
  • Where are all my warm socks?
  • How long can I hold my bladder?
  • Kevin’s a sweetheart for giving me a Star Wars puzzle for my birthday. Can’t wait to start it!
  • How long until the new season of Doctor Who already?!
  • I’m not sure I like the choice of actor for a young Han Solo.
  • Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, but I know that I won’t actually sleep in. Not much past 7 anyway. Why can’t I sleep past 7 anymore?
  • I’m a terrible friend for saying that I was free to meet up for coffee and then saying I couldn’t because I had to give my daughter a ride to work. Why can’t I be a better friend?
  • Oh, that gap of sunshine through the clouds looks like a heart!
  • Good grief! The speed limit is 50 not 30! I know you’re old, but could you at least drive closer to the speed limit!
  • What day of the week is it?
  • If tomorrow is my Friday, then that must make today my Thursday, which means that today is actually Friday.
  • Should I have some chocolate tonight?
  • Is there anything stuck in my teeth?
  • $1 for a half hour of parking?! Highway robbery!
  • Must download Google Chrome on my laptop.
  • What’s my password for this site again?
  • Still 5 months until Provincials. sigh
  • Really? Michael thinks I’m capable of a 150 pound bench press?! Hmmm.
  • I can watch The Crown while Abby is at work. After all, she’s already binge watched it.
  • What will I wear for work tomorrow?
  • It’s so nice not having to wear a uniform for work!
  • What will I eat for breakfast tomorrow?
  • Lunch?
  • Supper?
  • Second supper?
  • Am I hungry now? Or just bored and restless?
  • I can’t decide whether or not I can accept Matt Smith as Prince Philip after he was the Doctor.
  • What superpower would I like to have?
  • Do I already have superpowers?
  • Heehee!
  • I can’t be 45 years old! It’s not possible.
  • How am I 45 already?
  • What would life be like living as a royal?
  • I wonder when Michael will have me test my bench press.
  • Does he truly think that 150 pounds is realistically achievable?!
  • Wouldn’t that just be so sweet!
  • Where should I begin the purge? The bathroom? The kitchen? The china cabinet? The bookshelves? Under the bed storage? The closet? Under the stairs storage?
  • Would someone like some of my Coca-Cola memorabilia? Ginger?
  • Is it bedtime yet?



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