Upper Body Birthday

Today is my 45th birthday. Normally I feel almost half my age, but there have been moments both yesterday and today where I feel double my age. I am sore almost everywhere but especially my quads. Squatting or kneeling is a slow, painful process which is usually accompanied by a groan. If I’ve been sitting for a while, then I resemble Frankenstein as I hobble until the legs get used to movement again.


standing single arm dumbbell presses (sets of 3 and see how heavy I could go)

20 lbs x 3 each, 25 x 3 each, 29 x 3 each, 34 x 3 on the right but only 1 on the left

1a. military press

43 lbs x 8, 53 x 8, 63 x 6, 63 x 5, 63 x 5

73 x 4 push presses…both Michael and I thought I’d easily have more here but something happened on the fifth rep. Not really sure what that was…maybe just mental sabotage. Maybe just fatigue.

1b. pendlay rows

45 lbs x 6 + 65 lbs x 15, 95 x 12, 105 x 8, 105 x 6, 95 x 8

2a. chin ups

Michael asked if I wanted to try a couple without any assistance.


That equals my previous best which was close to a year ago. While not a PR, I’m happy that I was able to repeat it. Then Michael said that he wanted me to do my sets with a single unassisted rep followed by 5 reps with a green band.

So my 2 reps, then 5 with the band

Next set, I couldn’t do the single unassisted rep! x 5 with band

x 4 with band

The drop-off with my chin-ups is dramatically sharp.

2b. push ups with parallettes

3 sets of 8

3a. single arm kettlebell row, with strap

24kg x 15 each side

You know, I just realized that today’s training session was all upper body, and I didn’t mentally freak out about it at all. Not even once!


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