44 for a few hours more

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I shall be 45 years old young. I am not afraid to add another candle to the cake (if I should be so lucky as to get a cake, let alone with candles). The changes that I have made in my life over the past several years has made me feel as if I am getting younger, or at least that time is standing still when I look at myself. Had I not made these changes, I highly doubt that I would feel the same way about the passing of time.

I had given thought to requesting the day off work for my birthday, but I ultimately decided against it, in part because I’m still relatively new to this job but also because…well, I don’t really know! With my birthday falling in the middle of the week, there just didn’t seem to be much point in taking the day off, as it would merely get eaten up by household tasks anyway. So tomorrow will find me at work…after I hit the gym first thing in the morning. After work, there will only be time to eat, watch the last bit of World Junior hockey, and get myself to bed for my Thursday morning open shift. While a girl can hope, it is rather unlikely that dinner will be anything fancy or special. I don’t even expect to get cake.

I shall consider myself blessed that I am able to go to the gym tomorrow morning. I have no idea what Michael has in store for me in the morning and I am currently feeling the effects of yesterday’s squat session, but I am always excited about my training sessions. It’s just a good way to start my day, any day, so a birthday is all the better.

I suppose it seems odd that an introvert should feel so excited about celebrating a birthday or having it acknowledged. I get it. There will always be part of me that cringes beneath the glare of a spotlight; however, there is still a part of me that longs to be known. It is that part of me, I suppose, that gets excited about my birthday, even when there is no celebration to be had.

Since the rest of my week is busy, I am enjoying a glass or two or three of wine tonight. I am watching some of The Crown with my husband and daughter. I will stay up as long as I can, which likely won’t be terribly long since I opened this morning, and I get to sleep an extra 2 hours tonight, in theory. Happy birthday to me!


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