Although I am not a big believer in New Year’s Resolutions, I am a big believer in having goals, both big and small. The nice thing about setting a goal is that you don’t need to wait until the start of a new year to begin. Sure, there is some appeal to setting out on a new quest on January 1. A new year means, in theory, a fresh start. A new calendar with blank pages is exciting. Personally, I love paper in many forms but especially a new Day-Timer or journal. I love to imagine what will go into the pages…hopes, plans, dreams, disappointments, appointments, rambling thoughts, moments of joy and streams of tears. But sometimes I look at my shiny, new notebook and I’m afraid to actually use it. What if I use it for the wrong purpose, because a special notebook deserves a special purpose! Perhaps the New Year’s Resolutions crowd thinks along that same line, even if only subconsciously. Goals have to begin on a special day in order to hold significance or weight. Sadly though, most people lose sight of their resolutions before January’s end.

There are goals that I have failed to achieve. I am far from perfect. However, over the past few years, I think I have demonstrated a remarkable ability to focus, to do what needs to be done in order to reach my goals. Even when I’ve fallen short of a goal, I’ve still mostly held true to my focus, determination and effort in striving for it. I am constantly setting and re-evaluating my goals. Some of them have a deadline of sorts, while others are most definitely long-term, in the back of my mind.

Here are some of my ongoing and newer goals:

  • do a handstand pushup
  • do 25 pushups
  • deadlift 3 plates (315 pounds)
  • front squat 200 pounds
  • qualify for CPU Nationals & Worlds 2018 in Calgary
  • compete at Westerns in 2017
  • break my bench press PR
  • overhead squat 100 pounds
  • squat 260 pounds
  • break a RAW world record, if the opportunity to compete in RAW occurs this year
  • break my BCPA provincial records
  • finish paint touch-ups in the house
  • write more
  • compete at Provincials in June
  • clean out and organize the under-the-stairs storage
  • purge the clutter (an ongoing battle)
  • do 3 chin ups

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