Tomorrow is my youngest son’s 21st birthday. I don’t know what to get him for his birthday; I don’t even know what to get him for Christmas. (Note: having a baby right around Christmas is not a good idea) He’s a tough one to buy for. I think I should buy him some time with a tattoo artist to get an “I love Mom” tattoo, but he doesn’t think that is such a great idea. Can’t imagine why not!

But seriously, Casey is a good kid. He loves, loves, LOVES to push my buttons, and he can find every single trigger I might have at any given moment. He enjoys arguing with me, criticizing my eating/training habits and my knowledge of anatomy. I cannot leave the house without getting a text asking me to bring food home for him. And yet, he will allow me to give him a hug if I beg enough. He knows how to do laundry and will actually do a load or two. I like to give him a hard time when it comes to his “help” in the kitchen, because he’s notorious for merely neatly arranging the dirty dishes rather than washing them, yet he is generally the most helpful of my children.

Casey is one semester away from graduating with his Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree, and he has his eyes focused on pursuing a chiropractic career. He’s been working hard, studying hard, and he gets excited to share his exam marks with us. I cannot believe that he will graduate in the spring. My eyes are going to spring a leak just thinking about it!

As much as Casey will cover his eyes every time I put my singlet on at home, he did come to watch my very first powerlifting competition. Depending on his mood, he will call me “Mother of Pearl” or “Brah” or “Ang” or “Mom” or “Mother!” or “Lady”. I appreciate every moniker.

Tomorrow is going to be a crazy busy day. Casey works until 7pm, so I have said that we will eat dinner after he is finished work, even though that is so much later than we normally eat. We’ll be joined by his girlfriend. I’ve said that I’ll make lasagna, but Casey is perfectly fine with having a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Thank goodness! I simply don’t have time for baking cakes.


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