Twas the Week Before Christmas

I was at the mall after church when my phone beeped the arrival of a text message. A co-worker was asking if I could work her closing shift tomorrow in exchange for her taking my closing shift this Friday. In an instant my heart was stuck in no man’s land between excitement and despair. I have only begun my weekend, so the prospect of having only this one day off was so completely unappealing. I have a lengthy list of things that I need to get done this week, and I had planned on doing most of those things tomorrow. However, the prospect of having Friday off was extremely appealing, because that would mean I have a four day weekend to celebrate Christmas. Friday is also my youngest son’s birthday, so I would be able to celebrate with him. I decided the four day weekend was worth the solitary day off and the jumbling of an already insanely busy week. It will be worth it, right?


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