Short & Sweet

We didn’t really cover as much ground as usual during this morning’s training session, even though we took a bit longer than usual. That’s probably due to a lot of talking. Too much talking and not enough lifting isn’t always the best way to train, but I think there are times and situations when talking is just as important as the actual workout. With whatever is going on inside of my head for the past few days, my coach has been talking with me about possible causes and such. Yesterday I raised the question of blood sugar being at least part of the problem, although I honestly don’t think it is the root cause. Over the weekend I noticed that if I got too hungry that my symptoms felt worse. The symptoms are still present even when I’m not hungry, which is why I don’t think food is the culprit. However, Michael and I talked a fair bit today about my eating habits and ways that I can minimize drops in blood sugars. It won’t hurt to make sure that I’m eating often enough and having more healthy fats and protein to even out the carbs. Since I began training I have learned a lot about healthy eating and I’ve made many good changes to my eating habits. That said, it is still very easy to let those good habits slide from time to time, and I have a tendency to forget to eat often enough. I need to get back in the habit of having healthy, balanced snacks in-between my meals.

1a. front squats

43 lbs x 8, 93 x 7, 125 x 8, 145 x 8, 155 x 5

back squats, high bar

133 lbs x 8, 153 x 8, 170 x 8

1b. military press

45 lbs x 8, 55 lbs x 8, 60 lbs x 8PR, 60 x 8, 60 x 8

incline dumbbell presses

25 lbs x 10, 25 lbs x 12, 29 lbs x 8

That’s the extent of my training today! Doesn’t look like much does it? Maybe not, but I’m okay with it. The military press was amazing for me. Not only did I do a personal best of 8 reps at 60 pounds, but I did it three times! Me! Military press! This lift has been a thorn in my side for a long time. Even the incline presses are improving. Provincials are 6 months away, which seems like forever, but I really want to see my bench press go up and we’re laying solid groundwork that is going to help me get there. That’s exciting!



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