14 Days…

Christmas is exactly two weeks from today, and I feel so ill-prepared for it once again. In reality, I don’t have a lot that needs to be done in terms of shopping; however, the shopping that I do need to do is for those most difficult to buy for. We don’t go crazy for Christmas though…thankfully! Yet it feels like I have so much to do and limited hours to get it all done. Tomorrow is the last day of my weekend, and I’m thinking that I am crazy enough to try to cram in as much as I possibly can.

  1. wake up at 7:00
  2. make coffee, eat breakfast
  3. drink, eat, browse facebook and local online news
  4. get dressed and ready for the day
  5. guess I should throw a load of laundry in the wash
  6. maybe wrap a gift or two or do some housework
  7. go to the gym for 10:00
  8. work up a sweat
  9. go to ICBC to renew my drivers license since it expires early January
  10. go to the mall, get coffee, do my darndest to get in and out as quickly as possible without falling over the edge of insanity
  11. come home
  12. finish laundry, do more housework unless I’ve run out of steam which is entirely possible but I should really get the laundry done
  13. appointment at 4:30
  14. blog
  15. prep for bed and work the next day
  16. sleep

And somewhere in there I need to make sure that I eat and drink water! If I make it through everything on my list I will be amazed. While I like to think that I am Wonder Woman, I’m really not a fan of relentlessly busy days. I need recharge time, especially at some point in my weekend. It’s no secret that I am an introvert, that I am naturally quiet, but my job is serving and interacting with the public. Despite being an introvert, I do enjoy that aspect of my job, but it does drain my battery. I recharge best with quiet, alone time. I can also recharge in the presence of good friends in the right situations, but generally I need my own space. Today was not a typical day off, which means that I spent most of the day out and about and surrounded by busyness, noise, and people. It wasn’t a bad day, just draining. I desperately want to just chill tomorrow between my training session and my appointment, but I also know that would not be the best use of my time. If Christmas wasn’t in two weeks I could…


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