Out of Sorts

Today was a rough day. My day had barely begun when I started feeling little symptoms that something wasn’t quite right within me. It’s not easy to describe, to put into words. It’s kind of akin to vertigo yet not quite. I’ve gone through the vertigo thing, and this is not as extreme. The world isn’t spinning, but there is a sense of movement inside of my head that is disconcerting. Even something as simple as moving my eyes is enough to cause that feeling of internal motion. It’s an odd feeling, and I don’t like it much at all. And so, I have felt out of sorts all day long. The work day itself was essentially fine and normal, but I don’t think I have felt quite as flustered and uncoordinated as I did today. The day was fine; I was not. As I sat in the lobby during my lunch break, I felt like I was on the brink of tears. I can’t explain why. Out of sorts or not feeling like myself are probably the best descriptions I could use. In talking about it with my coach this afternoon, I still had difficulty putting it into words and I still had to fight back the tears. Same thing earlier tonight when I was talking to my husband about it. Same thing right now as I am typing. I feel like a bobble-head toy, and I want to cry.

Despite the way I feel, I was still looking forward to my training session, because the gym is a happy place for me, even when life isn’t all sunshine and roses. No matter how bad I might be feeling when I arrive at the gym, I always leave feeling better. Sometimes training completely erases the negative mood, while other times the post-gym high is rather short-lived, and such was the case today. I left the gym feeling better than I when I had arrived; however, I was back to fighting off tears as I drove home. Hoping tomorrow is a better day!

Since I wasn’t feeling like myself, today’s training didn’t look quite the same as the past couple of Fridays. That is something that I love about my coach…the fact that he adapts on the fly depending on how I feel, not only physically but in other ways, too. I suppose it helps that I don’t have a competition in the near future, so we have a lot of wiggle room with my training.

1a. front rack reverse lunges

45 lbs x 16, 75 x 16, 85 x 12

These weren’t too bad. The weight wasn’t heavy and the act of lunging wasn’t really difficult, but I did have some trouble with balance here and there throughout the sets.

1b. flat dumbbell presses

25 lbs x 10, 34 lbs x 10, 39 x 8, 39 x 10 PR

The fact that I used 25 pound dumbbells for my warm-up set of presses amazes me. The 25 pounders have often been my nemesis and likely still are depending on the exercise! The flat dumbbell presses seem to be decent for me lately, and I’m not so intimidated by the heavier weights.

2a. trap bar deadlifts

135 lbs x 8, 185 x 6, 185 x 5 + 135 x 9

I’m pretty sure that Michael said that I could do something for fun when he decided to throw these into the mix. I’m also pretty sure that I didn’t find them quite as fun as he might have thought they’d be. The first set was easy. The next two sets were full of frustrations. I used straps, because 185 pounds is a little above my grip threshold; however, using straps on the trap bar isn’t as easy as on a regular bar. Then I had issues with having the bar balanced. While the weight wasn’t truly heavy for me, I did find that it felt heavy off of the floor. Michael, of course, picked up on that and commented on how that was due to the fact that I tend to pull with my back instead of pushing with my legs. I could only smile when he said that, because I know that I do tend to pull more than I push with my deadlift and I could definitely feel the difficulty off the floor with the trap bar. Naturally, Michael said that it would be a good idea to incorporate more trap bar into my training, because it forces me to use my legs.

2b. chest supported rows

16kg kettlebells x 12, x 15 with a long 5 second hold on the last rep

2c. lying leg raises with 6 pound medicine ball

x 8 held between ankles plus a forgotten number of reps with ball held between knees

x 3 between ankles and maybe 2 between knees + 15 hanging knee raises

The right hip was making some clunky, grindy noise during the reps with the ball between the knees, so Michael had me do the hanging knee raises.

3. barbell curls

45 lbs x 8 x 2 sets

Michael asked if I wanted to use a 35 or 45 pound bar. I said that it really wouldn’t make a difference. He made a comment about the attitude in such a response, but I countered that my comment could be taken in different ways. I might have preferred the 35 pound bar, but he gave me the heavier one. Of course. To be honest, I’m impressed that I managed 8 reps each set.

4a. triceps pulldowns with red band

x 25, x 15

These started off easy enough, but those triceps shut down quickly once they begin to fatigue!

4b. incline rear laterals, 45 degrees

5 lbs x 22, 8 lbs x 15 + 10 shoulder extensions

I’m not a big fan of laterals. I know exactly where my thoughts went when Michael said to do these next. He even said that these wouldn’t be easy, but they kind of were! I was actually surprised by the first set. I think I probably could have done 30 reps, but I don’t think Michael was even truly aware of how many I actually did in that moment. The rep with the 8 pound dumbbells was slightly more challenging, especially towards the end, but I didn’t mind these nearly as much as I often do.

Today’s training session was a bit of a change up, and Michael said that he’d be changing up my program again next week. I’m okay with that. Without a competition in the near future, I’m perfectly fine to do whatever he tells me to do. I know that my coach will always be looking to make me better, so I trust his judgement. Besides, I’m always up for a challenge or something different. Of course, I don’t know what next week will look like now and that leaves me curious and full of anticipation, but I fully expect to find trap bar deadlifts in the mix.


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