Shoulder On

My right shoulder is very tender today, which only makes sense after everything that my chiropractor did to it yesterday. Undoubtedly, that treatment probably also affected my performance in the gym this morning, at least in some ways.

1a. overhead squats

35 lbs x 7, 55 lbs x 7, 65 x 8, 75 x 8 PR

Since I knew today was deadlift day, I put my flat shoes on and just went with those for the overhead squats. When I did the same thing last Wednesday, I definitely noticed the difference without my squat shoes; however, there did not seem to be any difficulty in adjusting today. The final set was a personal record, and it felt fairly easy. I only had trouble getting the bar overhead, although Michael only let me make one attempt before giving me assistance.

2a. dips

Michael said to do a few reps with a band and then do some without the band. Okay.

with red band: x 4…then 3 attempts to do even a single unassisted dip without success…so 3 more with band

My right shoulder just didn’t seem able to support me without the benefit of the band. As soon as I would unlock my elbows and begin the descent, the shoulder would give and I couldn’t even hold myself at the bottom position. Even the extra reps with the band tacked on after the failures didn’t feel right. I could feel the left side doing more work to support and get me back up, while the right shoulder lagged behind. So Michael had me switch to push ups, a few regular and then some more with the slingshot.

x 5 + 8 with slingshot, x 4 + 8, x 4 + 8

2b. deadlifts

warm up: 115 lbs x 8

with mini red bands: 115 x 5, 155 x 8, 185 x 6, 195 x 6

The bands add about 53 pounds at the top position. Michael really wants me to work at keeping the bar close to my legs and pulling my hips to the bar. I think today was better.

3a. Romanian deadlifts

135 lbs x 11

3b. chin ups

with purple band: x 5, x 3…that deteriorated quickly so I had to drop the band and do one slow, controlled eccentric that lasted 11 seconds until the right shoulder couldn’t hold on anymore

3c. floor press, with pause at the bottom and an explosive press (or as explosive as I can get)

75 lbs x 10, 85 lbs x 8



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