Body Works

I’ve started typing and then deleted at least three times already. Over the weekend I had nothing to say, and now I have several threads of thought that I am suddenly reluctant to tug on. It’s not as if the content is too controversial or too personal or too much of anything, except that it might require too much thought and mental effort on my part, more than I have to give tonight.

Despite the fact that I made sure not to sleep on my right side, in order to spare my shoulder more discomfort, I think I slept reasonably well last night. Better than the night before certainly. I woke up feeling okay. I went to work and discovered that my brain really wasn’t with me. My reflexes were slow. My thought processes were slow. DOMS was gradually settling into my chest, shoulders, quads, and hips. Then a headache grabbed hold of my head like a vise. And then, almost my entire body began to feel out of sorts. From my head to my pelvis, my bones just felt wrong. I was ever so glad that I had an appointment with my chiropractor this afternoon, and time could not move fast enough.

My appointment went about as well as it possibly could. I like my chiropractor, even when he pokes and prods the super tender spots in my shoulder and continues to do so as I grimace and cringe. And he wonders why I have a difficult time relaxing my muscles when he’s working on me!

My shoulder is now a lovely shade of mottled red from the Graston technique he employed. It is extremely tender, which makes me so glad that I don’t have do my own digging into it until tomorrow, because that is now part of my homework!


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