I had dairy today. My determination to avoid dairy evaporated today, but I may choose to revisit the experiment again in the future. Basically, I have had nasal stuffiness on a daily basis for years upon years. My assumption has always been that I have some sort of allergy to cats.

We got a cat when I was a teenager, and I had definite symptoms which including itchy eyes. The symptoms were always worse after the cat would sleep next to my head. I had several cat-free years after I got married, and the itchy eyes disappeared. To be perfectly honest, I cannot recall when the daily stuffiness started, but I think it was sometime after we got our cat a dozen years ago. It’s just been something that I’ve lived with and glad that the worst of it is the need to blow my nose several times a day.

My coach suggested that dairy could be a culprit, which is why I thought I’d try eliminating it for a while. I was successfully without dairy for a week, but the reality of the elimination game is that more time is likely required to make an accurate determination. After one week I didn’t really notice a difference, except that I missed cheese!

So I ate cheese today. I should have given in last night, when my husband had a piece of cheesecake for me and I let my son eat it. <sigh>

It’s not that I can’t go an extended period of time eliminating something from my diet, because I have done it before. I’ve gone without wheat, flours and sugars for 30 days. If I can do that, then I think I could survive without dairy for a similar amount of time. I guess I’m just not certain that I want to right now.


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