Chiropractor Tales

I had a dream last night of several inches of freshly fallen snow. As November is quickly coming to an end, I suppose it is only natural to anticipate snowfall. There has certainly been evidence of winter on the upper reaches of not-so distant mountains lately. In my dream last night, I saw the snow and made the decision to go for a run. Not just a few steps such as when I am scurrying to cross a road. Nope. In my dream, I ran with intent and purpose. It was glorious!

I love running in the snow. Before I started running, I didn’t enjoy winter very much at all. It was too cold. Snow was a nuisance. But once I started running in the winter, I discovered that there was something special about striding through the snow. The cold didn’t bother me quite as much as it used to, and I looked forward to every fresh dusting of snow.

Of course, I don’t run anymore, and I’m reasonably certain that my last winter run was December 31, 2014. I don’t run anymore, because my chiropractor has told me that it isn’t a good idea for me for now, although he’s been saying that for a long time and doesn’t seem inclined to change his position. I miss running, yet I don’t. I think that I am at peace with the fact that running might just be something that I used to do. It helps that I have something, aka powerlifting, to keep me active and provide me the opportunities to push myself. While I’m sure that running and powerlifting could live peaceably together in one body, the greater reality is that the two typically do not mix well. So, as much as I might like to point out that I miss running, I listen to my chiropractor and follow his advice.

Most of the time.

My chiropractor likes to give homework, which is one of the reasons why I like him as much as I do. He doesn’t just treat the symptoms of the problem; he wants to get rid of the problem and prevent it from coming back. Over the past couple of years, my chiropractor has had me do all sorts of exercises at home, involving foam rollers, dowels, lacrosse balls, voodoo floss, bands, and towels, and working body parts from head to toe. I am the sort of person who will usually do my homework, and I am fairly faithful in doing what my chiropractor tells me to do. After all, it is in my best interests to do it!

Except I skipped a couple of days this week…for no other reason than that I didn’t want to do it. My current homework regime doesn’t take very long, and it isn’t all that difficult or uncomfortable anymore. I foam roll my calf. I foam roll my glute. I sit in a pigeon pose for 2 minutes. I stretch my hip in a 90/90 position for 1 minute. I lie on my back and pull my knee towards my chest for several holds. All of that doesn’t take much time, yet I didn’t do it on Wednesday or Thursday. My knee had been feeling good, and I was just feeling stubborn. Guess what wasn’t feeling good come Friday afternoon? My knee. And I immediately thought about that chiropractic homework that I had willfully avoided the two days leading up to yesterday. Correlation? Possibly. The knee discomfort wasn’t too bad and it didn’t last too long, but it did serve as a gentle reminder that there is benefit to doing my homework and listening to someone who wants to see me strong, healthy and fully functional, even if he won’t let me run. Although I suppose there are still valid reasons for why I am still staring at a red light for running!



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