Happiness is…

“Happiness is not a station to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.” ~Margaret Lee Runbeck

After years of working Saturday mornings, the fact that I now mostly work closing shifts on Saturdays has thrown me for a bit of a loop. It’s not a bad thing, just different. While it does mean that I’m no longer able to “go out” on a Saturday night without several weeks notice, I am enjoying freedom in the morning. I can sleep in, at least as much as I am able to after years of waking up at 4AM, which means that sleeping in until 7AM is a miracle.

On the rare mornings that I make myself coffee in the morning, I typically only brew 4 cups according to my coffee-maker’s carafe. Trust me when I say that the machine’s idea of 4 cups is not the same as mine! That 4 cups basically fills one mug, but that is usually as much as I will drink at one time. This morning, I doubled the amount of coffee and enjoyed the first cup with breakfast. Then, I poured the rest of the coffee into my Star Wars travel mug and walked down the street to browse a craft fair at an elementary school.

It was raining this morning and cold, but I still wore my flip-flops. My toes might have been slightly numb by the time I got to the school, yet I will continue to be barefoot as long as I possibly can. My coffee warmed me up, and the crowds in the school made the air hot and stuffy anyway.

I don’t always get to very many craft shows, because of the old routine of working Saturday mornings. It was nice to get out to the one this morning. My favourite soap maker was there, and she is married to an old friend of mine. It was lovely to connect with them and catch up and stock up on soap! I drooled over gorgeous pottery and crocheted Star Wars characters and gourmet coffee. I laughed over socks with “If you can read this, bring more wine!” on the soles, even though I wasn’t about to drop $15 for a pair. I might have bought a few stocking stuffers and things. One thing I bought was a kit to grow microgreens. I was reassured that having a black thumb would not prevent me from being able to grow the microgreens.

A bunch of teenagers came over to do yard work at our place today in exchange for a donation for a missions trip in the spring. I made a big pot of hot chocolate for them, since they were working in the cold, wet weather. And cookies. Not homemade but cookies!

I’ve done all this and more, and I don’t start work for another hour. My morning may not seem very glamorous or exciting, but I feel perfectly content and peaceful, especially now that the caffeine buzz is wearing off! I try to look for the silver in every lining. I look for joy in little details. My life isn’t perfect and my outlook isn’t always rosy, but I make the effort to be thankful, appreciative, and of a positive state of mind. As the quote at the beginning said, being happy is not about arriving at a destination.



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