Saturday Night Fever

By the time I got home from work last night I was ever so glad that I had made the effort to complete some of my daily tasks in the morning instead of waiting until later in the evening. There were several hours at work that felt like complete insanity, and we were the busiest I have ever experienced in my two months working there. Being the person in charge, I sacrificed my two short breaks in order to stay on the floor and to allow my partners the opportunity to take their much needed and greatly deserved breaks. Later, once the crazy period had ended, one of my partners commented on how smoothly the floor had been run and complimented me on a job well done. It was heart-warming to hear that, because there were moments when it felt as if I was merely holding on for dear life.

In all the frenzy, I felt a measure of relief that it was Saturday night and my weekend would begin in a few hours. It wasn’t until later in my shift that I realized that it was actually only Friday, and my weekend was still more than 24 hours away. That discovery wasn’t demoralizing since I do enjoy my job, but it did make me feel incredibly tired, knowing that more frenzy was yet to take place.

As I decompressed at home last night after work, I thought about those crazy, non-stop hours, and I realized that they reminded me of what life was like working a typical Saturday morning at Tim Hortons. No wonder my brain thought it was Saturday! I haven’t experienced that level of busyness since I started at Starbucks, so I’m not used to it. But then again I am. That was like every Saturday morning for the past few years. Maybe still slightly different but the basics are the same. Saturday mornings sucked the life out of me, yet they were my favourite day of my work week. I’d be physically and mentally fried by the end of my work day, but there was something special about rising to the challenges and making it through to the end. I think I’ve been missing that a little, although I am also happy to not experience that level of stress on a regular basis anymore.

And today now is actually Saturday…my Friday! First I need to make it through what will likely be another crazy busy day. I’ve got this.


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