An Ordinary Day

The challenge of blogging for 30 consecutive days is one I enjoy; however, there are days when I am at a loss for words and spend countless minutes staring at the screen of my laptop, mind empty of thought. This morning is one of those times. I entertained the thought of delaying my blog post until later this evening once I have finished work, and, while that would be a perfectly reasonable decision, I know that the odds of my having arrived at a cohesive train of thought are just as low as they are right now.

Outside my living room window, it looks like November. The clouds are thick and low on the little mountain that is my view. It is a grey day, one that looks uninviting and a predictor of winter’s arrival. This would be a good day for curling up with a blanket, a book, and a cup of coffee, but that won’t be on my agenda. I did have a cup of coffee this morning, and it was delicious. I did my chiropractic homework. I am watching Remembrance Day ceremonies on television. Later I will go to work. A mostly ordinary day, and sometimes those are perfectly good days.


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