“I know when I’m spending time with the right people, because I don’t feel the need to recharge afterward. They recharge me.” ~Amy Cummins

Perhaps everyone feels this way and not just introverts like myself. There is a distinct difference in the way that I feel mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually depending on who I have recently spent time with. This is true of every social situation, from the workplace to a social event to a family dinner with the out-laws. As much as I might prefer to avoid the draining encounters, reality dictates that sometimes they must take place. Thankfully, there are enough of recharging encounters to counteract the negative ones.

I had a decent morning at work today but with more than the usual trying of my patience. While I am able to keep the frustration mostly under control and remain friendly and upbeat, by the end of my shift I felt quite drained. Even though today is an absolutely gorgeous, sunshine-filled day and I was finished work at noon, my body and my brain wanted to curl up into a ball once I got home. That wasn’t on my agenda though, because I had arranged to meet a friend for coffee. His birthday is later this week, and I had a gift for him that I didn’t want to just drop off at his door.

Over the course of an hour, we sipped coffee, chatted, and he opened his gift which I felt needed some verbal explanation. The friend is my coach. Over the past several months, I have been working on this gift that I have been so excited to finally give to him. It was a scrapbook about me. Okay, so I know that sounds odd, which is why I wanted to be able to share my vision in person. Because while this is a scrapbook about me, it is really more about how Michael helped change one life…me! His passion, his career is all about helping people become the best versions of themselves, and that is what he did with me. I think he liked it. I hope he liked it.

Later as I drove home, I realized that I no longer felt drained or exhausted. I felt energized, excited, happy and peaceful. I was suddenly inspired to whip up a batch of my mini frittatas to have on hand for breakfast and snacking. As much as I love my frittatas, do you know how often I make them? Usually for Christmas morning. So, I have freshly made frittatas. If I can keep my son from eating them all now, then I will have part of breakfast all ready to go.

Last Saturday night I was able to spend some time with some of my girlfriends. It had been a while, and I was glad to have that time together. So much in life tries to beat us down or force us into a shape we were never designed to be, and we don’t always recognize the weight of it all until we’ve already been carrying it for far too long. While there are a multitude of ways to lighten the load, time spent with the right people is high on my list of happy things.


One thought on “Recharged”

  1. Your coach/friend sounds like the type of person that can leave someone energized after a meeting. I love spending time with people that can get me excited and happy. And I am lucky to have friends like that. On the contrary, group scenarios are draining. I definitely enjoy reading blogs as a way to share ideas for energizing.

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