Falling Back

In the two months that I have been working at Starbucks, today was the first Saturday that I have had an open shift. My only non-closing Saturday shift was my second week of working. I have to say that it feels slightly odd yet familiar to have had an open shift today, because I worked a very similar early morning shift on Saturdays for the past several years at Tim Hortons. The work is different. The customers are different. The pace is different. What’s also different? My brain isn’t fried. My body isn’t sapped of energy, but I still had no trouble waking up and, in fact, was awake before my alarm could ring.

Since I am going to hang out with some girlfriends tonight, I had thought that I might require a nap after work today, assuming that I would even be able to fall asleep; however, it is almost 3pm now and I’m thinking that a nap will not happen. Really, I need a shower more than a nap. More coffee would also be good, but I need to get more water into my body first. The clocks get turned back an hour tonight, so theory has it that I can get an extra hour of sleep!


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