A Jerk and a Squat

I think today was a good day, but I also think that I have hit the wall. My bed is calling my name, and my body wants nothing more than to ooze over flannel sheets and under layers of quilt. There are likely several reasons for this exhaustion. For one thing, while it was a good day, it was also a little busy this morning. I didn’t sleep well again last night. I only had about a quarter of a small cup of coffee today. It was deadlift day, and let’s not forget that I’m on a high volume phase of training!

On Wednesday my coach told me to brainstorm some ideas for a new challenge, like possibly peruse Crossfit WODs to find something I could work on. While I did take the time to look them over, it was difficult to find a WOD that would be challenging yet within my capabilities and that sparked my interest. Anything with a running component was out. I’m also not capable of ripping off 100 pull ups, muscle ups, or handstand push ups. The choices seemed limited, and nothing jumped out at me as something I desperately wanted to achieve. Last night my coach sent me a text saying that he thought working on an overhead squat might be a good challenge, and I finally felt excited!

1. overhead squats

43 lbs x 3, 53 x 3, 63 x 2, 83 x 1.5, 90 x 1 PR

The first two sets were fairly easy, but my ability to get the bar into position overhead is weak beyond 53 pounds or so. In between the second and third sets, Michael had me try to jerk the bar from behind my neck. Well, actually I practiced with a dowel first and then just a bar. I banged the back of my neck once, and I was all sorts of frustrated. Perfectionism peeking through. Michael pointed out that Olympic lifting beginners can practice with a dowel for months before ever being allowed to use a real bar. It will take time, I guess, and practice. In the meantime, I lifted the bar out of the rack. I was close to having 2 reps at 83 pounds but not quite stable enough out of the hole to finish the second rep. Michael thinks a good goal would be to try to equal my bench press. That seems a little lofty, but I’m game for the challenge.

I can virtually hear my chiropractor’s voice in my head. While I don’t think I banged my neck too badly, I know how he feels about me dropping boxes on my neck.

2a. deadlifts, convention, touch and go

95 lbs x 8, 145 x 10

with straps: 185 x 10 x 4 sets

The working sets felt heavy today, and there were moments when I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to complete all the reps each set. I made it, even though I’m sure the bar sucked years from my life.

2b. single arm landmine presses

43 lbs x 10 each

53 lbs x 10 each x 4 sets

3a. so here is something I don’t know the name of…standing on a box, one foot close to the edge, lowering the other leg to the ground with toes pointed…make sense?

x 10 each

x 8 each

An appropriate name for these would be Turns Legs Into Jelly!

3b. stiff legged deadlifts

95 lbs x 10, 115 lbs x 10

3c. bent over barbell rows

95 lbs x 12, 95 x 15


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