Shoulder Supplemental

As much as I annoyed with my shoulder for acting up yesterday, I was at least glad that I had an appointment scheduled to see my chiropractor this afternoon. Thankfully the numb toe and the knee haven’t bothered me since I saw Dr. Ben last week, but still I always feel slightly embarrassed when I need to ‘fess up to another injury or tweak. Ben likes to tease me about the way that I beat myself up. In fact, I am certain that he has worded it as ‘saving me from myself’. He jests, I think. I hope. I think he understands me. I hope. But seriously, my chiropractor is the best and I sincerely appreciate all that he does to help keep me healthy.

Surprise, surprise…my right shoulder doesn’t like to/want to extend properly. My chiropractor is something of a shoulder expert, but even I am aware of my shoulder’s issue on some level, despite the fact that the right shoulder has been good for a long time now. The right shoulder is how I wound up with my chiropractor extraordinaire almost two and a half years ago. Since then I have had several shoulder issues, but most of them have been located in the left shoulder. It’s been a while since I’ve been bothered by the right one, and I’ve certainly run the gamut of physical complaints over the past two years. Big right toe, both knees, right hip, rib, both shoulders, left elbow, neck, headaches, and the disc issue that caused a lot of grief without me feeling any actual pain in that specific area. Am I forgetting something? Probably.

So, my right shoulder doesn’t like to, or want to, extend properly. Why am I not really surprised by that? The good news is that I don’t have to stop doing dips, but I do need to go back to using a band for a while. <sigh> One step forward, two steps back, or so it seems. What isn’t a surprise is that Ben gave me an exercise to do at home. As I attempted to replicate the exercise in my chiropractor’s office, I felt much the same as I did during my first attempts at Anderson squats last Friday. My right shoulder really does not like to extend! At least my range of motion is greater than it was last night…



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