Look Ma, No Bands!

I generally don’t think about my job while I am training at the gym, but my thoughts turned there briefly today between sets of dips. A co-worker’s recent blog post talked about pain and physical discomfort while training. As I performed a new personal record for unassisted dips, I began to feel discomfort with my right shoulder. While I was able to perform the dips without too much bother, the shoulder definitely presented significant frustration between sets and as my session progressed. Even now that I am home, my shoulder is most unhappy. This is why I thought about work, or more specifically, about my co-worker’s blog post and pushing through pain or not.

1a. dips

x 5, x 6 PR, x 5, x 5, x 1 and done!

For the first time ever, I completed every rep of my dips without the assistance of a band. Not only was the set of 6 reps a personal record, so was the fact that I completed 4 whole sets. The shoulder started becoming a problem after the second set. By the time I got to the final set, I did one rep and realized that the shoulder was enough of an issue that I no longer felt comfortable pushing through.

1b. Anderson squats, high bar, with squat shoes

45 lbs x 6 or 8, 65 lbs x 8 Michael pointed out that I was staying a little too upright at the bottom, more so than I would during a regular squat.

85 lbs x 8 Leaning forward more made such a difference! Last Friday I could only manage 5 reps at this weight.

105 x 4 + 4 Last week I got one rep at 105 pounds, but, now that I was leaning forward more, this weight felt so much easier. I did run into trouble after the fourth rep though, when I hit a timing issue with reclaiming my body tension and beginning to push. The timing was off and I felt like I couldn’t push.

115 x 8, 115 x 3 or 4

I ran into that same timing issue on the final set, but I’m happy with the improvement since Friday.

1c. rope face pulls

20 lbs x 15 x 2 sets

2a. barbell split squats

65 lbs x 10 each, 85 lbs x 10 each

2b. pushups with slingshot

3 sets of 10

I was skeptical when Michael said he wanted me to do some pushups late in my session, especially when he said that it would deload my shoulder. When he said it would be easy, I laughed. When are pushups ever easy for me?! But, as usual, my coach was right. The first set wasn’t nearly as tough as I expected it to be, and the final set was really quite easy. Can I do pushups with the slingshot all the time? Somehow I doubt it.



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