Pressing In

As I lay in bed last night I felt the weight of more than just the two quilts covering me. There was a weariness in my body that had nothing to do with the fact that I was trying to fall asleep and everything to do with frustration and despair. Once again part of my right foot was numb and tingly. Once again there was heavy, dull ache at the bottom of my right hip. And all at once I was hit by a wave of despair that this disc issue will never resolve completely. The foot that feels perfectly fine all day long becomes numb as soon as I lay down at night and irritates me enough to delay my slumber. I cannot even remember how long this has been going on, but it has definitely been at least a year. Then the knee will randomly hurt and feel out of sorts, like during the final couple of hours at work today. Oh yes, I cannot forget the left glute that I tweaked a few weeks ago that is taking its sweet time getting better.

I get it. I understand that I am old enough to feel various aches and pains, and I know that push my body harder than many people my age. Minor aches and pains I can live with, I think, and really what I’m dealing with are generally minor; however, is it too much to ask that some of those aches and pains will resolve eventually! After all, I take better care of myself now than I ever did before I began training. I eat fairly healthy. I get enough sleep most of the time. I train smartly…as in I work directly with my trainer and he ensures that I don’t do anything stupid and makes adaptations when something doesn’t work or feel right. I see my chiropractor extraordinaire regularly, and I faithfully do all of the homework that he gives me to work a problem area. On my chiropractor’s advice/orders, I (reluctantly) stopped running a year ago, and I sit as seldom as possible. I am doing all the right things, so why is there still numbness in the foot?! The cherry on top of the icing on my pity cake is the fact that I am fighting the beginnings of a cold. I seldom get sick, so I don’t think this will get too bad or last too long, but I’m frustrated.

Still, today was a training day. Upper body day. Like most every other upper body day, I arrived at the gym feeling like I was capable of rising to whatever challenges came my way.

1. single arm dumbbell clean and press

20 lbs x 3 each, 25 lbs x 3 each, 29 lbs x 2 each, 34 lbs x 2 each, 39 lbs x 2 each, 44 lbs x 1 with the right arm and 0 with the left

The plan here was to see how heavy I could go. There were a few issues with the left side at 44 pounds. My elbow probably flared sooner than it should have. My timing was off with the push, and the left arm just felt weaker.

2a. close grip bench press, touch and go, without legs

45 lbs x 10, 65 x 8, 85 x 8, 95 x 6, 95 x 6

with slingshot: 115 lbs x 6

These were definitely tougher with my legs in the air and no arch in the back, but my touch and go cadence is improving. It sometimes takes me a rep or two to get used to the slingshot, but I think I did okay this time. The lockout was tough though.

2b. supine rows, using wide grip on Swiss bar, hold last rep 2 seconds

x 4 with legs out + 6 with knees bent

x 5 + 6

x 4 + 6

x 4 + 7

x 3 + 8

Supine rows never fail to make me feel weak. It likely doesn’t help that my feet tend to slip on every rep.

3a. lat pulldowns with wide, underhand grip

90 lbs x 10, 100 x 6, 100 x 8, 100 x 5

3b. dips

x 3 + 4 with red band

x 1 + 5 with blue band

x 1 + 2 with blue band

These were most disappointing after last week’s two sets of five unassisted reps. The three unassisted reps in today’s first set were brutally tough. I told Michael that I’d be happy just to get one unassisted rep on the final set. I got it, but the happiness was greatly tempered. I suppose it makes sense that the dips were difficult after the close grip bench, but I’m not fond of backward steps.

4. single arm lat pulldown

40 lbs x 6 each

5a. hammer curls

25 lbs x 8, 25 x 5 + 20lbs x 5

Whoever said that curls are for the girls has never met me! Curls suck.

5b. kettlebell triceps extensions

12kg x 12, 12kg x 9

I tried for a tenth rep on the final set, but I kind of got stuck with the kettlebell behind my head and my arms unable to do anything but hang out there. It’s a good thing my coach is always there, although I’m clever enough to have got myself out of trouble eventually.

Tomorrow looks to be a long day. I have an open shift, a chance to see how much I remember about opening and running a shift. I have a chiropractor appointment in the afternoon, and I get to do Friday’s training session tomorrow.



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