Slingshot, Deadlifts & Kettlebells

It’s been an interesting and long week with one more day yet to go. Headaches have featured rather prominently in the week with there being more headache than non-headache time. A migraine started the week, but the headaches since Wednesday have been different. I think I can safely blame those on my neck and upper back/trap. While I don’t know why I wound up with pain and tightness in those areas, I am confident that the recent headaches stemmed from that tension. I tried foam rolling my upper back. I even used a lacrosse ball to get into that spot, but it didn’t quite ease the headache. However, I did have an appointment with my chiropractor yesterday afternoon, so he worked his magic. The muscles he worked on my neck are a little tender today, but I was without a headache until about noon today. Hopefully it will dissipate soon.

1. overhead squats

35 lbs x 6 with a 2 second pause for the last two reps

45 lbs x 5 with 2 second pause each rep

65 lbs x 5 with 2 second pause each rep

I don’t do a lot of overhead squatting, and I don’t believe I have ever done them with weight added to the bar(s). The hardest part of the final set was getting the bar overhead, especially with the wider grip that I was using. Michael had me push press it up and he was right there to make sure I got the bar up okay.

2a. deadlifts, deficit, keeping the tension and pausing just off the floor

95 lbs x 8, 135 x 8, 165 x 8

now pausing just below the knees:

deficit 185 x 5

not deficit 185 x 6, 185 x 6

The deadlifts felt tough today. I even said that the 308 pounds that I pulled at Westerns felt much easier than pulling 185 pounds today! Of course, the pause likely made things feel heavier, but deadlifts are just one of those things that doesn’t always feel good in the gym We were going to do sumo, but a little warm-up set with a kettlebell revealed that the left glute still feels out of sorts in that position.

2b. single arm landmine presses

just the bar x 10 each, +10 lbs x 10 each, +20 lbs x 5 each, +15 pounds x 8 each

2c. kettlebell windmills

10kg x 8 each, 12kg x 8 each, 16kg x 6 each, 16kg x 8 each

3. push-ups

7 real push-ups + 8 with the slingshot

x 8 with the slingshot + 15 pounds on my back

These push-ups were yet another situation where I was slightly skeptical and might have raised an eyebrow when Michael said to trust him. My chest is stiff and sore from Wednesday’s dips and I had just done the landmine presses, but I did better with the push-ups than I thought I would.


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