Auras, Headaches & Squats

I have never been someone who has had migraines. The occasional headache? Yes. A migraine? No. Yet I think I might just have had two migraines in a two week period. Maybe. Two weeks ago, I experienced a visual disturbance which lasted about 15-20 minutes and was followed by a moderate headache for most of the day. I had first experienced a similar visual disturbance about a year ago, but I don’t think there was any headache at that time. Then late Saturday night I had the same visual disturbance which lasted about 20 minutes. A headache followed quick on the heels of the aura, and the headache has been with me since then with the exception of a few hours this morning. From what I have read this sounds like a migraine, but I tend to think that a migraine has to be intense pain. For me, I’d put my head pain at a 5 on a scale of 1-10. It’s bad enough, but it isn’t so bad that I can’t function if necessary. Unfortunately the number on that scale has been creeping higher over the past two hours, but I’m hoping that sleep will help.

1a. high bar squats, with squat shoes

45 lbs x 10, 95 x 8, 125 x 6, 145 x 6

165 x 6 x 4 sets

Last week I didn’t get to squat past the second warm-up set, because it felt like I was using my right leg more than the left due to a left glute tweak. That left glute has been feeling fine for the past several days, so I was determined that I’d squat today. No issues with the glute during the squats. No feeling of using one leg more than the other. Not maximal weight. The work sets were mostly okay, although there were some reps here and there that were tougher than they should have been, but I am always happy to squat!

1b. military press

43 lbs x 10, 53 x 6, 63 x 5 PR

63 x 3 x 3 sets

63 x 9 push presses

Military press has never been very high on my list of fun things to do at the gym; however, I have to admit that my level of dislike for them has been decreasing. Michael has me on a training cycle with a lot of overhead pressing, so I’ve been doing military presses a lot. While I might not be excited for military presses the way that I am for squats, I no longer dread them or groan.

2a. behind the neck barbell shoulder press

35 lbs x 12, 40 x 12

2b. pause squats, high bar with 2 second pause

115 x 6, 125 x 6

I love pause squats! Michael figures that I run into a bit of a snag on my regular squats, because I don’t really start pushing with my legs until I’ve used up my kinetic energy coming out of the hole. I cannot argue with him. I am fairly certain that he has pointed out many times my tendency to not push until I need to.

2c. kettlebell windmill

10kg x 8 each side x 2 sets

The left glute/hamstring was most uncomfortable during the first set as I bent to the right. The second set was much better! Maybe those muscles just needed to remember the movement…hopefully.

Now if this headache would go away…




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