3 Years in a Life

A few days ago Facebook reminded me of a post that I had made three years ago. In that post I commented on the fact that I had survived my first week of training and was actually looking forward to the next week. In that weird way that time has of messing with your mind, it really doesn’t feel like I have been training for three years, and yet it also feels like I have been training forever. Being somewhat of a sentimentalist, I enjoyed that little reminder of my training anniversary, because that first step into Progressive Fitness was the catalyst for incredible change in my life.

I could ramble ever on about those changes in my life or you could read back through my blog posts, because most of it is all there. But I do want to comment on something that has flitted in and out of my consciousness with a regular cadence. Perhaps one of the little things that has seen the biggest change is the way that I carry myself.

After work this afternoon I had to stop in at the neighbourhood grocery store for a few things. As I wandered the aisles, hoping to recall every item on my mental list without forgetting anything important, my thoughts strayed over to the way that I was walking. Now I am my own worst critic and will often see myself in a harsh light, but I have noticed a change in my general posture over the past three years. Sure there are moments when my shoulders will slump into their old familiar, comfortable position, but I stand tall with shoulders back much more often than I ever did before. While I may not always feel confident, I certainly walk with more confidence than I once did and this is what I noticed in myself at the grocery store today. There I was roaming a grocery store with strength and confidence in every step. That’s a feeling that is not so easy to explain with words, but I hope you can appreciate what I am getting at.

Training has put confidence into my step and into the way I carry myself. There are still situations when I feel inadequate and lack confidence in myself; however, these situations are far fewer than they ever used to be. Now, even when I have internal doubts, there is an inner strength and confidence that keeps me moving forward regardless of my uncertainty and fear. I can look those scary scenarios in the eye, acknowledge the fear, formulate a plan of attack and move forward. I might stumble. I might even fail, but I am also capable of getting back up to try again…and I will.

I am tired and my brain is struggling to keep my thoughts coherent now, so I want to cut this short before I simply begin rambling. I may be an introvert, but I am quite capable of rambling under the right circumstances.

Going to the gym isn’t a magic pill that will solve all of your problems in life. It just doesn’t work that way! However, in my experience, going to the gym has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. No one could have convinced me of that before I finally agreed to go, because I simply could not imagine being the type of person who could ever enjoy a gym. Once I caved in and agreed to go to Progressive Fitness, my life changed. Slowly at first but then with speed like a snowball rolling downhill. There are other factors in play, of course, but lifting weights was a big one.


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