The Wolverine

Today was a very long day, and I feel wiped out, exhausted, drained, and every other appropriate adjective I am too tired to think of, which in no way is meant to imply that today was a bad day. Most of the day actually seemed to pass rather quickly, because we were steadily busy. I’m still trying to figure out what busy looks like in my new Starbucks world, since busy in my old Tim Horton’s world looked drastically different. Today felt busy to me but not what I would define as crazy busy…just a fairly steady stream of customers, which meant that the lulls were only long enough to take a breath and wipe a counter or stock an item or two. Although the hours passed quickly, what made my day feel so long and exhausting was the fact that I was on the bar for almost my entire shift. I think I did alright, and the practice will only help me. I’m getting more confident with many of our beverages, but some of the frappucinos and cold beverages can still throw me off my game. With the pleasant weather we’re having, there has been a good number of cold drinks to be made!

As I looked at the hieroglyphics on a cup in order to know what I had to make, I noticed the name on this particular cup was Wolverine. I smiled in my normal fashion, looked at the guy waiting at the end of the bar, and asked if he was Wolverine. He laughed a little and said that he couldn’t believe that I was able to ask that with a straight face. I replied, “Well, I like to think that I am Wonder Woman, so it doesn’t strike me as odd at all, and it isn’t my job to question it anyway!” We shared a laugh. I finished making his drink. Highlight of the day!


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