Gutted by a Glute

My work schedule was a bit different this week, so I had today off and was able to do my training in the morning. Despite a restless night filled with dreams of being trapped in an apartment complex full of zombies, my mind and body were in good spirits as I headed to the gym. It was deadlift day…my other favourite training day! Except when the deadlifts suck.

1a. skater squats

10 reps per side to a mat roughly 2-3″ thick

10 reps per side to a gardener’s knee pad roughly 1″ thick

Surprisingly, at least to me, my left leg felt much stronger and more stable than the right leg even during the second set, but then again what do I really know! I’ve got some tingling/numbness going on again in my right foot and, while my chiropractor doesn’t believe that it is related to the previous disc issue, perhaps whatever is going on there is affecting my leg. I don’t know.

2a. sumo deadlifts

95 lbs x 8, 145 x 8

with straps 185 x 6, 205 x 3

I was supposed to do more than 3 reps at 205 pounds, but I stopped. As I began the second rep, I felt a bit of a pop in the lower part of my left glute. It was a weird feeling, but I didn’t feel like it was anything too serious. There wasn’t any burning pain or anything like that, and the third rep wasn’t too bad. However, I could feel some discomfort at the beginning of the third rep and again as I prepared for the fourth rep, and that was when I shut that set down. Michael had me try to find the spot with a foam roller and then a lacrosse ball. It wasn’t super easy to find, but I think I did find it eventually where the glute and the hamstrings meet. Again, not majorly painful but definitely not comfortable. Drop the weight to see how it feels…

185 x 0

I’m sure I could have done it. I know I could have done it, but there was enough discomfort in the simple act of settling into the sumo position that I don’t think I even really made a serious attempt. There are always ways to work around a problem, so Michael had me try a conventional stance.

185 x 5

from a deficit 185 x 8

The conventional stance presented much less discomfort, although I wouldn’t say that it was entirely eliminated and I think the discomfort started creeping in as the number of reps increased.

2b. Savickas press

47 lbs x 8, 52 x 8, 57 x 7, 57 x 6, 57 x 6

These weren’t too bad for only my second time doing these. I added 7 pounds and an extra set.

3a. reverse hypers

90 lbs x 15, x 15, x 13, x 10

I was really supposed to do glute-ham raises today, but Michael changed it up due to the current state of my glute. The first set was awful, but I think that was mostly a result of being set up in a most uncomfortable position. The following sets were an improvement, yet the low back felt quite fatigued by the third set.

3b. barbell rows

95 lbs x 10 + another 5 so Michael could see my technique

Then he changed it to Pendlay rows.

95 lbs x 5

I know Michael would have wanted more reps, but I had to stop at five. The glute was not too happy in that position, and the entire movement felt very tough. So another change to chest-supported rows.

90 lbs x 2 (yes only 2) + 4

drop the weight and change grip: 55 lbs x 10, 55 x 9

I have been instructed to use a lacrosse ball on that trouble spot over the weekend. That should be just another level of fun added to the foam rolling that I need to do on the right leg. Actually I have four spots on the right leg to work every day. I need to use voodoo floss on the ankle and just below the knee. I need to foam roll the hip and the inside of the leg right above the knee, and let me tell you that rolling that inner leg spot has got to be the most painful spot to roll ever! It’s actually a very simple movement, but the agony is intense. I’m pretty sure I cannot breathe while doing it, and my family must think that a wild animal is devouring me alive. It hurts! A lot. But I’ll keep doing it as long as I need to.

Training didn’t go as planned today, not according to what Michael had laid out and not according to how I envisioned the session. That’s moderately frustrating, and yet I realize that I still worked hard. I was still moving and sweating and using my muscles. Any little perceived set-back, injury or tweak is certain to invoke a measure of frustration, yet I am not stuck in the mire over it. This is minor and tough days will come and go.



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