The Invitation

I received an interesting email earlier this evening. It was an invitation to take part in an Invitational Powerlifting Competition in November, where only the best of the best are going to compete with the opportunity to win cash prizes. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to receive an invitation. While I’d certainly like to be one of the strongest female lifters, the reality is that I am not and I know this full well. I can dream big, but I am also very much a realist.

There was a cap on the number of competitors for this competition, and the invitation process started with the lifters with the highest Wilks score. If the top lifters were unable to compete or didn’t register within one week, invites were sent out to the next lifters in the ranking by Wilks. This competition would not recognize age or weight classes, so all lifters would compete directly against each other, and this is why I had no expectation of ever receiving an invite. I am a Master 1 lifter who has only been competing for two years. Sure, I’ve competed 7 times, set Provincial and National records, and never failed to win my age/weight class; however, there is a big difference between my Wilks score and that of a great number of super strong and amazing women! Since I got an invite I think I am safe in assuming that there were quite a few women unable to attend, but I was invited!

Unfortunately, I cannot go, and, even if I could, the final spaces in the women’s portion filled up in less than an hour after receiving the invite. C’est la vie! My ego would have loved to have gone, even though I know that I wouldn’t have even placed, but my husband wouldn’t let me go and I think my three competitions between May and August were more than enough for this body for this year. I love competing, but I do realize that there is a reasonable limit for number of competitions in a short period of time. Or so I’ve been told! 😉





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