Wiped Out Wednesday

Today was a long day made just a little bit longer, but it was still generally a good day. My morning training session was upper body day, so naturally it was not the easiest or most fun of training days, and then I had to hurry home to clean myself up before scurrying off to work. My work day was extended by half an hour at the end of my shift…not a big deal but I feel rather drained.

I have eaten as much reheated dinner as I could swallow, and I’m actually kind of enjoying a glass of red wine. It’s not very often that I can say that I am drinking red wine, let alone enjoying it, but here I am! It’s Copper Moon Malbec, I believe, and I’m especially surprised that it is appealing since I opened the bottle a few weeks ago. Goes to show how seldom I drink red wine! Maybe that’s why I’m liking it? Maybe it is the stir-fry I had for dinner? Or possibly I am just that tired! I would have had a glass of white, but I didn’t have any chilling in the fridge. While I won’t be enjoying any white tonight, I made sure to put a bottle in the fridge for the day that I do.

1a. close grip bench press, touch and go, sets of 6-8 reps

45 lbs x 10, 65 x 8, 85 x 8, 95 x 8

I was excited when Michael said I’d be doing these this morning, but I haven’t done any real bench pressing since Westerns nearly a month ago. Of course, my excitement was tempered slightly with the “touch and go” instructions. I do not like touch and go bench presses! And then he threw in a couple of drop sets…

100 lbs x 4 or 5?, 75 lbs x 4, 55 lbs x 8

100 lbs x 6, 75 lbs x 8, 55 lbs x 8

Oh my word! The drop sets were brutal! Michael spotted me for the first weight of each set. He was busy with another of his clients when I got stuck after the fourth rep at 75 pounds on the first set. He rescued me and might have slightly mocked me for only getting 4 reps, but he said I’d have no trouble getting the full reps at the final weight. Ha! Yeah, I got all 8 reps, but my arms turned into noodles after the fourth rep. Not even joking! The second drop set was somewhat better. Really I just wanted to see some improvement on the first two weights of the set, and I did.

1b. chin-ups, neutral grip

with blue band x 6

with small green band x 7, x 5, x 4, x 3 + a few reps of what will be described below

My chin-up reps typically drop fairly quickly. It is frustrating, kind of demoralizing actually. For some unknown reason, my reps dropped very quickly today and Michael wanted more reps than I was getting. So, he had me finish off the last set above and do one more set like this:

using a barbell on the rack and with my legs resting on the top of an inclined bench x 8

2a. seal rows

75 lbs x 13, x 12, x 14

2b. incline dumbbell presses

20 lbs x 12, 20 x 12, 25 x 9

3a. single arm dumbbell triceps extension

10 lbs x 8 x 3 sets

My poor triceps! I could barely lift my arms into the proper position.

3b. barbell curls

45 lbs x 8, 45 x 5, 45 x 5 + 35 lbs x 8

And that’s it, that’s all. I am wiped out both physically and mentally. My husband wants to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls, and then I think I’ll be crawling into bed.



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