Brain Cramps

I feel so far removed from this morning’s training session at the gym. Actually, I’m not even certain what day of the week it is, at least not without a great deal of thought. I trained from 9-10 this morning, hurried home to clean myself up, hurried off to work and didn’t finish until 7pm. Since yesterday’s short shift was mostly an orientation, today was my first proper training shift and my head is feeling very full, so incredibly full. While I knew full well that there is much to learn, there were brief moments throughout the day when I actually wondered if I had made a colossal mistake and overestimated my ability to learn and adapt. I know I can do it. I know I will get there. This was only my first time making a few beverages, my first time using their POS, and I did alright. Really! I did just fine. But my head is feeling over-saturated with information that seems to be seeping out of my eyes and ears. Will I even be able to remember any of this stuff tomorrow? Can I remember the details of my gym training?

1a. chin-ups, neutral grip

small green band x 6

blue band x 5, x 4.75

small green band x 5

small green + blue band x 8

There will be a day when chins are not the struggle that they are now, a day when I can rip off a bunch of reps unassisted and for multiple sets, but that day is far off in the unknown future.

1b. single arm landmine presses, fully extending shoulders

45 lbs x 10 each, 55 x 8 each, 60 x 8 each, 65 x 5 each (the left side struggled more with the last couple of sets)

two arms, on knees 85 lbs x 7

2a. single arm dumbbell presses, elbows out, on one knee

15 lbs x 10 each, 20 lbs x 10 each, 25 x 8 each, 25 x 8

These were easier than I expected, although the left arm still struggled more than the right one, which is why I was only able to get 8 reps on the final two sets. The right arm could have managed more.

2b. single arm kettlebell rows

16kg x 15 each, 20kg x 10 each, 20kg x 10 each

3a. push-ups, of a sort, using a barbell

The first set was done on a bench with the barbell balanced on the end, which really means that I had to keep my shoulders and arms balanced as I went about doing my push-ups, or I would topple off of the bench and the barbell would go flying. I did these on my knees, because at first I wasn’t even sure that I’d be balanced. Not really sure how many reps I managed but about 6.

Then Michael moved me to the floor with the barbell balanced across the 3-board gadget, and he wanted a bit of a pause at the bottom.

x 4 proper push-ups + 4 on my knees

x 2 proper + 6 knees

x 2 + 6

Aside from the fatigue factor, these weren’t nearly as scary as I expected. Michael did mention the possibility of balancing the bar on an even narrower surface in the future.

3b. barbell curls

45 x 8, x 6



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