The First Day

Today was the day that I have been looking forward to since late July when I was asked if I had ever considered applying at Starbucks. My first day was a short one, a four hour orientation/training shift, but it feels like a lot of ground was covered. It’s a little overwhelming and extremely fascinating. I am so excited and also buzzed on caffeine! How am I going to be able to sleep tonight? Not even joking! My shift started with sharing coffee with my store manager, and then in the later portion of my shift we sampled 3 types of coffee. We had a blonde roast prepared by pour-over, a brewed medium roast, and a dark roast prepared in a French press. It’s been a little more than 2 hours since my last sip of coffee, but it feels like the caffeine is only now slapping me across the face.

I’ve got a lot of training ahead of me, but I am looking forward to every bit. Being the new “kid” on the team is an odd feeling, but I suppose that is only natural after 11 years with one company. Change is good though, and I’m not afraid to learn, to be stretched or challenged. I might have trouble falling asleep tonight, but at least I don’t need to get up until 7 tomorrow morning!


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