Unstoppable Upper Body?!

As much as I am not a fan of the upper body sessions, I do feel excited and proud of myself for every increase in reps or weight, no matter how small. Sometimes I will have a good session with more reps or heavier weight, but then the next session might be more of a struggle where I’m fighting to even match the previous week’s reps/weight. I’m only two weeks into this current program, and I’m doing okay. I managed to make increases almost entirely across the board today, except for the triceps extensions. So far, so good!

1a. chin-ups, large green band, neutral grip

x 11, x 11, x 10, x 9, x 8

The large green band provides a great deal of assistance; however, I wasn’t using a lot of bounce off the bottom. Last week I totalled 41 reps. Today I totalled 49. And I don’t think I’ve ever had such a small drop in reps! Regardless of which band I use, my chin-up reps typically drop quickly with each subsequent set. I’m impressed with getting 8 reps on my fifth set.

1b. dips

with small green band:

x 11, x 11, x 8, x 8

My shoulders don’t always like to behave properly, and so I had some issues with my shoulders rolling forward more than they should.

Then Michael had me try a few reps without a band, just lowering myself over 4 seconds, then feet down and jump back up to lower slowly again. I got 4 reps. Not sure that the shoulders behaved during these though.

with blue band:

x 6

no band with feet on end of a bench x 4

2a. flat single arm dumbbell presses, body off-centre of the bench

29 lbs x 10 each, 29 x 10, 29 x 10, 29 x 9

The left arm struggled with these from the very first set, and again there were some issues with the left shoulder not behaving properly. Some reps each set might have been good, but I know that a lot of them weren’t.

2b. chest-supported barbell rows, with pause on last rep (except for last two sets)

80 lbs x 12, 80 x 13, 85 x 11, 85 x 8

The second set felt incredibly easy. It wasn’t until after that I realized the reason why. Between my sets my training buddy had to use the blocks that my bench was set up on, so when I was ready to do my next set I just put the bench back on top of the blocks the way they were left. I thought the set-up felt a little different!

3a. barbell curls

45 x 8, x 6

3b. kettlebell triceps extensions

10kg x 10 x 2 sets

Last week, these felt easier than I expected. Today, it was a struggle to get 10 reps each set.

The day before Westerns I blogged about my new favourite power song, Unstoppable, and how the lyrics had been playing through my head non-stop. It’s been 12 days since Westerns, and the lyrics are still playing non-stop in my head! I don’t mind at all. This song has become my theme song. I am unstoppable. I am invincible. Okay, so I’m actually not invincible in the strictest sense, but I do feel like I am mentally. I am so powerful in many ways. I am confident in who I am, in my worth, and in what I can do. Between my powerlifting accomplishments this year and changing my job, I really, truly do feel unstoppable. Even on an upper body training day!


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