The End of an Age

Today was my final day as an employee of Tim Hortons. Although there were many frustrations within the job over the years, this job was like a secondary family and I enjoyed doing what I did. My biggest issues had little to do with my bosses, franchise owner, and so much more to do with the corporation and the direction it has been taking the company. I understand the concept of a business striving to make profit and grow business. I just have different values and priorities in my life and how I view our customers. This is why, after 11 years of working at this job, I jumped at the opportunity to seek employment at Starbucks.

Everything I see and hear and experience at Starbucks, even before I have worked a shift there, leads me to believe that this job will align more closely with my values. Perfectly? Probably not. However, as a frequent customer at Starbucks, I have already experienced the value this company places on building connections with their guests. I love that! Will the new job be perfect? I know it won’t be, because there will always be difficult customers and pressure to meet performance expectations. What I can say is that there will be a difference between working at Starbucks and working at Tim Hortons, and I find that exciting. My first shift isn’t until Tuesday, so I have the next six days to decompress and relax and simply exist in a temporary job-free existence.

As excited as I am for my new job and as easy as it is to say good-bye to Tim Hortons the company, saying good-bye to my co-workers was not so easy. I have worked with some of these people for my entire 11 years there. While some co-workers have been there for a much shorter period of time, in many ways we are like a family. It was the saying good-bye that was the hardest thing. I won’t miss a great deal of things about the job itself, but I will miss the daily interaction with these people. And the regular customers, too! I was given a lot of hugs today. I also received flowers, balloons, a ceramic travel coffee mug, and a beautifully handmade Wonder Woman card. I cried many tears.

Then I came home, took off my uniform for the final time and had a hot bath. The tears have dried up, I think, and I am good. It feels slightly strange to know that I do not work at Tim Hortons anymore, but I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life. Change, although often uncomfortable, can produce amazingly beautiful results. In the half-proud, half-mocking words of my youngest son, “Aw! Little Angela is all grown up!”


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