A Change of Pace

I have been looking forward to today’s training session with equal parts excitement and trepidation. My training has pretty much been focused on powerlifting competition preparations since April, so a change was most definitely something to look forward to with excitement. I love powerlifting and training for a competition, but variety is important and good. That said, a change in training would mean doing things I don’t necessarily enjoy or do well, things that make me feel weak. Still, I’m a sucker for a challenge.

1a. box squats, with safety bar and sleeves

75 lbs x 8ish, 105 x 8, 125 x 10, 135 x 10, 135 x 10

1b. military press, with 5 lb dumbbells hanging from a band on each end

50 lbs x 8, 55 x 7, 50 x 8, 50 x 8, 50 x 7

I knew that the military press would make an appearance somewhere in this new training program, and I was dreading it. So not my favourite. But these weren’t too bad…better than I expected, although it was the female bar which might have made my brain think it would be easier.

2a. reverse lunges, with the safety bar (do you know how much I love the safety bar?!)

75 lbs x 20, 95 x 20

The first set wasn’t too bad. The second set was torture on my lungs. Seriously. The last 6 reps or so…burning lungs and wobbly legs!

2b. single arm dumbbell presses followed up with an overhead carry (another favourite!)

20 lbs x 10 each arm with 3 lengths for the carry, x 10 + 3 lengths with left but only 2 with the right

2c. TRX rear laterals (rear laterals are not a favourite either but they’re easier on the TRX)

x 7, x 10

2d. lying leg raises

x 9, with a 5 lb dumbbell held by my feet x 10

3a. double kettlebell curls

8kg x 10, x 8

3b. triceps rope pulldowns

30 lbs x 10, 30 lbs x 7 + 1 @ 20 lbs

Partway through the second set as I struggled, Michael told me that he wasn’t going to drop the weight. Ha! I tried. Really. He dropped the weight, and I struggled just to get the one rep!

Day one of the change in program complete! I think I survived, but I reserve the right to change my answer tomorrow.


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