5 Days

I have just two days of work standing in the way of a little vacation of sorts. Monday and Tuesday. Two days of work and then about a week off. Sounds lovely, right? It will be, but it will likely be one of those vacations that will fly by too quickly, will be full of busyness, and will leave me feeling as if I didn’t really have a vacation at all. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

Today, like virtually every Sunday, is about preparing myself for the next two work days and catching up on a bit of stuff around the house. I am trying to look at the week as a whole, but I am having difficulty in maintaining my focus. Work, appointments, housework, training, Westerns, social engagements, parental duties…all are vying for my attention, but I really just want to narrow that focus to a couple of things and ignore the rest. I can’t do that though.

Today I am tackling the laundry, some paperwork and planning for work, and dinner for the next couple of nights. I also want to finally get my to-do list written, because I know that I will forget something if I don’t make a list.

To be honest, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I forgot a household task. Will it really matter if I don’t get the bathtub cleaned before Friday? No. I’d like to get that job done, but missing it won’t affect my performance at Westerns. Forgetting to wash my knee sleeves before Friday might not really affect my performance either, but it would make for a better smelling gym bag. Trust me when I say that the knee sleeves are smelling quite ripe after a training session these days!

Also, I really do not want to forget to read through the rule book again. Although I am fairly comfortable with the rules, I wouldn’t mind a refresher, especially since I won’t have my trusty coach with me. My stand-in coach is clueless about the rules, so I want to make sure that I am clear on the areas that may potentially come up, like record attempts.

Five days until Westerns! Time is going to fly by, but first I have to get through work. Thankfully, the next two work days should be decent days. Focus on the task at hand.


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