Simply Remember

I love The Sound of Music. Okay, so perhaps it isn’t completely accurate historically, but I’m a romantic at heart and I am fascinated with the World War II period. It’s just a good movie. I say all that to say that I really have nothing of importance to blog about, yet I feel strongly inclined to blog nonetheless. Of course, wanting to blog when you have nothing to say presents a major problem…what to blog about?! And this is where The Sound of Music comes onto the scene. I shall blog about some favourite things. Don’t worry! Whiskers on kittens and bright copper kettles are not high on my list of favourite things.

  • a thunderstorm
  • embracing change
  • my Friday nights and days off
  • conversations with friends…doesn’t matter if in person, on Facebook or by text
  • a nice glass of white wine
  • chocolate with hazelnuts (seriously the best and I’d do burpees for this if necessary)
  • my tattoo
  • big jigsaw puzzles
  • good books
  • my favourite season is getting closer
  • being strong, inside and out
  • Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
  • I love making dinner only to have a child make something different for his/herself.
  • sarcasm. I use it a lot. Like the point directly above.
  • powerlifting
  • mature, grown up conversations with my grown up children
  • journals, notebooks, paper
  • pens
  • once in a blue moon I get to binge on Netflix and by binge I mean I might watch 2 or 3 episodes
  • staying up late but not too, too late thanks to my crazy early work routine
  • raw tomatoes…now there’s a binge I can get into

Naturally I like many things beyond this list, but we’re about to “binge” an episode or two of Gilmour Girls.


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