Not So Inclined

With Westerns in 30 days, training will soon begin to narrow its focus, but today was still about the accessories.

1a. sumo block pulls, standing on a mat

95 x 8, 135 x 8

with straps: 185 x 8, 215 x 7

with belt: 240 x 8, 250 x 6 PR

These felt good, and I think they looked pretty good. Technique is definitely improving.

1b. incline bench press, touch and go with a pause on the last rep

43 x 10, 63 x 6, 73 x 5 + 0, 73 x 4 + 0, 73 x 4 + 0, 63 x 9 + 0

The incline wasn’t so wonderful today. The paused rep caused me a lot of grief and frustration. I had some positional issues in the earlier sets, keeping my elbows under the bar instead of allowing them flare naturally as I pressed. The last two sets were better, but I still stalled out on the paused reps.

2a. paused deadlift accessory, pausing right below the knees for 2-3 seconds then returning the bar to the floor, with straps

165 x 5, 175 x 6, 175 x 6

2b. glute-ham raises

x 13, x 11, x 11


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