This Girl’s Got Goals

I have a little notebook of goals that I began a while ago, check back with from time to time and then forget about for a while. Some of the goals are quite specific in terms of time or place, while others are open-ended. I think the last time I looked at this notebook was early in the year, but yesterday’s front squat PR brought my little book of goals back to the forefront of my mind. So today I dug it out of the basket it had been tucked into along with my vast assortment of notebooks, journals and books of interest. How happy was I to look through my list of goals and discover that I could check off several of my goals for 2016!

  • do multiple unassisted chin-ups (on February 5 I did 2 chins from a dead hang)
  • break my National RAW records (on May 14 I broke them all, even if I can only claim two of them for new National records)
  • set a class 1 total with 100% RAW (May 14)
  • break my BCPA Provincial records (on June 26 I broke one of my two records)
  • break the BCPA Provincial bench & deadlift records (on June 26 I broke the bench record)
  • compete 2-4 times, including Provincials (I’ve competed twice so far, including Provincials, and I’m set to compete at Westerns next month.)
  • try sushi (June 28)
  • cut to 148 pounds for the May 14 competition without killing anyone (Despite a moment of panic at the weigh-in, I made it!)
  • deadlift twice my bodyweight (May 14)
  • get a tattoo (July 14)
  • squat 250 pounds (oh so close…248 pounds on June 26)
  • compete at Westerns (barring some unforeseen complication I will be there in August)

Not only is it exciting to see what I have already accomplished so far this year, it is also encouraging to see how close I am to reaching some more goals. Maybe I’m not quite there yet, depending on the day, but I’m ever so close to:

  • deadlift 3 plates (315 pounds)
  • breaking my BCPA Provincial total record
  • breaking the BCPA Provincial deadlift record
  • front squat of 200 pounds

Of course, there are other goals on my list and I add to the list as they come to mind. In fact, I added a new one tonight. With today’s announcement of the roster for Westerns and the knowledge that I have one other competitor in my age/weight class, I am no longer content to show up at Westerns and merely do well. I want to win!



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